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Shimano Spinning Rod Fishing Rods & Poles

Shimano Spinning Fishing Rods

Shimano offers a number of spinning models that vary in length, water type, grip, taper, composition, and more. They create fishing rods for freshwater, saltwater, and specific species of fish like trout, salmon, and bass. These rods also come in materials that include graphite and cork.

What is a fishing rods power and action?
  • Action: Action refers to the amount of bend a spinning rod can endure before it breaks. It also refers to the speed at which the rod straightens out after bending. This component affects casting distance and accuracy, and models are rated as being slow, moderate, moderate-fast, fast, and extra-fast. Extra-fast rods bend only at the tip, moderate-fast models bend over the last third of the product, and slow-action products bend over their entire length.
  • Power: Power is based on the weight of the spinning rod, and power ratings are available in ultra-light, light, medium-light, medium, medium-heavy, heavy, and ultra-heavy. Ultra-heavy models are designed for deep-sea use when catching large fish. Medium products can be used to catch river fish, and ultra-light models can catch small panfish.
What other features are important to consider?
  • Composition: Spinning rods can be composed of fiberglass, graphite, or a composite combination of the two. Fiberglass is helpful when going after larger fish because of its flexibility and thick blank. Graphite products are lightweight and sensitive to movement.
  • Length: Shimano models can vary from 6 to 9 feet in length, and the correct size largely depends on your preference. Shorter rod models can help reduce snags and allow for more control whereas longer rod models may be helpful in wide-open spaces. Products of a longer length may also be beneficial for beginners as they provide adequate length for casting but not too much to limit control when fishing.
What different series of spinning rods does Shimano offer?
  • Exage: These products are designed for bass fishing, and they are lightweight and sensitive.
  • Compre: The Compre is made with Fuji Alconite guides and 24-ton carbon construction.
  • Convergence: These models feature IM-8 graphite construction and EVA grips.
  • Scimitar: The Scimitar series features graphite composition and can be used for lake, river, and shore fishing.
  • Stimula: This series is composed of a composite material, features cork handles, and has aluminum oxide guides.
  • Talavera: The Talavera series provides a number of composite saltwater models that are designed to be flexible yet strong while fishing.
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