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Use Camera Cables and Adapters to Attach Your Security Devices

Security systems are an excellent way to monitor your home or office and keep an eye on your assets at all times. You can use security camera wires to connect units to a central system or to each other. eBay has a broad range of wires for security cameras, and you can use special categories to find the items that suit your needs or equipment.

What types of security camera wires can you get?

A security camera wire can connect your optical device to the system that runs it, and allow you to view and store recordings there. However, some of these wires have specific purposes or work with certain systems. Familiarizing yourself with the different types of security camera wire sets and how to use them can help you find the model that works for you. Some types of wires you will find on eBay are:

  • Balun: A balun security camera wire uses a connector that can convert between balanced or unbalanced video signals. Some of these wires can connect different impedance lines.
  • BNC: If you are using a coaxial cable such as the RG-58, you may need this type of security camera wire.
  • Dual: Dual security camera wires can provide power to your optical devices and a live feed to your monitors at the same time.
Do these wires fit different systems?

Manufacturers usually design security camera wires to work with a specific type of system. If you know the system you use, you can search eBay to find the security camera wire products that are compatible with it. The basic types of systems you will find are:

  • Analog: Analog systems include closed-circuit devices. You need a security camera wire that works with CCTV inputs.
  • Digital: Digital systems may include internet protocol-based systems, but they refer to any system that uses digital equipment to record and store your data.
What cable lengths can you get?

You can find security camera wires in various lengths on eBay. If you know where you place your cameras and how far they are from the central system, you can purchase wires in the precise length you need. You may also wish to buy them in different lengths to have more flexibility when you set up your system. eBay includes helpful categories that can narrow your search and show you wiring that has the minimum length you want. Some common sizes include lengths of 5, 15, or 25 feet.