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Sears Shotgun Parts

Sears was a large producer of 12-gauge shotguns during the mid-20th century in America. They included various types of firearms and other hunting equipment side-by-side with household items in their catalogs. There are a variety of replacement parts available for these shotguns, including stocks, bores, and barrels.

What does J.C. Higgins have to do with Sears?

J.C. Higgins is the subsidiary under which Sears sold their firearms. Any 12-gauge bore shotguns with the name J.C. Higgins on them were actually made by their parent company.

When were J.C. Higgins hunting equipment and parts produced?

These guns were produced under the J.C. Higgins brand between 1908 and 1962. J.C. Higgins was replaced by the Ted Williams line after 1962.

What types of shotgun parts are there?
  • Action Parts
  • Barrel Parts
  • Sights
  • Stock and Forend Parts
  • Trigger Parts
  • Recoil Pads and Parts
What size shells are there for Sears shotguns?

Most shotgun bores are 12-gauge and take 3/4 caliber shells. Most models are double barrel, meaning they load two cartridges side-by-side. These types of weapons are generally limited to these two shots with no further magazines or ammo backup.

How do you install a new foregrip on a firearm?

The first step is to remove the fore-end from the barrel. Most models have a nut at the end of the barrel that also needs to be removed. Once the nut is removed, the foregrip should slide right off the bore, but be advised that a few different tools may be needed to get the job done. Once the old foregrip has been removed, simply slide the new part into place and replace the end nut to complete the process. New foregrips often come with new stocks as well, which means the installation process is a bit different. To install a new foregrip, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the fore-end.
  2. Use tools to remove the fore-end's nut.
  3. Slide the old foregrip off the fore-end.
  4. Replace with a new foregrip.
  5. Reattach the fore-end nut.
What is the purpose of a choke on a barrel?

A choke is a device that controls the spread of the cloud of shot fired from a shotgun. Depending on the weapon, these parts are either screwed on or are a built-in part of the barrel. These parts, once considered accessories, are now standard stock on this type of gun. Rather than steel or lead shot flying around everywhere willy-nilly, cartridges fired through one of these parts assume a predictable, regular impact pattern.