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Purchasing a Samsung 60-inch LED Smart TV

If you're looking into upgrading your home TV, a new or used 60-inch LED Smart TV by Samsung is an option worth considering. Your old TV might have given out or may not be producing adequate picture quality anymore, so eBay has many choices when looking for a larger screen with a clearer picture. Smart features offered by the Samsung 60-inch LED Smart TV may give you you the clear picture and immersive sound you're looking for.

How do you use regular game mode with this TV?

When you place your TV in game mode setting, it bypasses operations such as the DNle chip. The DNle chip runs the normal video processing of your TV. When bypassed, your TV gives you a faster response time. Clearly, this is desirable when operating a fast-paced game. Take these steps to activate game mode:

  • Make sure your TV is on and open the Main Menu by pressing the MENU button.
  • Select the System Menu by using the navigation arrows to go up or down, then press ENTER.
  • Use your navigation arrows within the SYSTEM menu, select General, then press ENTER.
  • An on/off box comes up at General. Using the navigation arrows, select ON and press ENTER.
  • Next, press EXIT to leave the Main Menu.
What are some Samsung Smart TV features?

Depending on how you plan to use your TV, some features may be more important than others. These include:

  • Visual effects: Watch 3D shows or play games inside the action when you use 3D glasses. Immerse yourself within the movie watching it on a curved screen, flat screen, or widescreen (16.9) Samsung 60-inch TV. Upscaling to 4K provides more pixels to pair with an HDTV or HDR TV’s ability to enhance each of those pixels for the clearest possible picture.
  • Sound system: The built-in speakers and headphone jack give you flexibility, while voice search makes it simple and convenient to find what you’re looking for. Virtual surround creates an environment that makes you feel as if you're inside the movie or video.
  • Connectivity: Get additional remote control as well as the ability to use RS-232C or RS-232 for diagnostics. Wireless connectivity using Bluetooth cuts the cord keeping you confined to a wall plug.
  • Smart TV features: Help your children watch appropriate programs using the V-chip enabled 60-inch Samsung Smart TV. Upgradeable firmware lets you access all updates available for your system.
  • Alternate use features: Using a built-in webcam lets you monitor the room when you are not there.
What are mirror TVs?

Mirror TVs allow your TV to disappear and become a mirror or another type of glass. They are also known as invisible TVs. Many folks install this technology in their bathroom mirrors so they can watch TV while bathing. Dielectric glass, also known as smart glass, uses electricity to change the physical properties in the glass and turn it from opaque to clear.

Different types of glass make it possible to make things like the outdoor TV, which is optimized to hold up under weather elements. Smart glass requires some accommodations for your TV. You need to make sure it gets enough ventilation so that it does not overheat. Additionally, you need to install extra support with your TV mounting due to the weight of the glass.