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Samsung Galaxy S7 Verizon Smartphones

Are You Looking for a New Smartphone?

Fans of Galaxy phones may be interested in the Samsung Galaxy S7, which is available on the Verizon network. This phone released in 2016, comes with impressive specs and features, including a great camera and powerful battery in an affordable package. You can download all your favorite apps and have plenty of space for your playlists and photos.

What Are the Features of the Galaxy S7?

Before choosing, it is a good idea to check out the features of this Samsung Galaxy model.

  • Camera: If you like to take a lot of photos, then the camera specs for this Android phone are going to be of high importance to you. Youll find a 12-MP rear-facing camera for brilliant pictures and a 5-MP front-facing camera for selfies. The camera works well in low-light conditions and supports all modes, including RAW.
  • System and performance: This Galaxy model features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 quad-core chip processor as it supports LTE. There is 4 GB of RAM, fast boot-up time, and better battery life than previous models.
  • Storage: Youll find 32 GB of storage on the Galaxy S7, so there is room for plenty of apps and your own files. You can also extend the internal storage by up to 200 GB with a microSD card.
  • Colors: There are three color options for the S7 including black onyx, gold platinum, and white pearl.

What Plan Options Are Available with Verizon?

As phone plans can often change, it is important to check on the carriers website for up to date information and offerings. You can choose between:

  • Prepaid plans: Prepaid plans offer you flexibility to decide how much money you want to spend each month according to the amount of calling and data you use. You dont need to tie yourself into a contract and you can still take advantage of great plan features such as unlimited calling or internet. A prepaid plan is a great choice if you dont want to commit to a long-term contract.
  • Contract plans: Being on a contract plan means that you dont need to worry about topping up your phone every month as money deducts automatically from your account. You do need to pass a credit check to confirm that you are indeed able to make monthly payments, yet you may get better benefits than being on a prepaid plan.

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