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Samsung Galaxy S5 Sprint Smartphones

How to Know if a Samsung Galaxy S5 Sprint Smartphone Is Right For You

Having a cellular device that is both stylish and convenient is important to many people. From Apple to Android, there are many to choose from, like the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sprint smartphones. These phones offer many easy-to-use features, making it a good choice for both casual smartphone owners and those who need a little more from their electronics.

What are some features of the Samsung Galaxy from Sprint?

This smartphone has many features that may be of interest to you. Some are for convenience, others are more for fun, but all of them enhance the usability of the phone. Some features the Samsung Galaxy S5 from Sprint has that you should be aware of include:

  • A 5.1-inch water- and dust-resistant screen
  • A 16MP camera that takes clear, concise photos
  • A 2.5GHz Android processor
  • Power-saving features like the Low Power Mode
Who is the Samsung Galaxy S5 appropriate for?

This device is one of many offered by Sprint and is a good choice for those who need a phone that can take quality photos and video. It is also appropriate for those who need a business phone with a quick and reliable processor.

Can you take videos with the Samsung Galaxys S5?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 offers a high-quality 16MP camera. This means your videos will look crisp rather than grainy. There is a good amount of storage space, too, and more so if you choose to purchase a MicroSD for additional memory. The storage space lets you capture quite a bit of video footage. The camera has HDR capabilities, so the tones of videos will be rich and vibrant. This will give your home videos a professional look.

What is the battery life of this device like?

The battery provides up to 13 hours of continual power during internet browsing and video watching, up to 21 hours during calls, or up to 67 hours during audio playback. When the battery is low, the device automatically switches to black and white mode, which conserves energy for a decent amount of time.

Can you add additional storage to the Samsung Galaxy?

Yes. This smartphone from Sprint has 32GB of storage on its own. It also has a slot for external memory devices. Up to an additional 128GB can be added via a MicroSD card. This leaves plenty of room for storage of personal media, like high-res photos.

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