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Finding Your Next Phablet

A phablet is a hybrid mobile device. It is a cell phone but quite larger than your average smartphone. You can say that any touch screen with 5 inches of display and larger will classify as a phablet. Samsung with its Galaxy Note 5 sells these large phones as do other brands. Network connections from Sprint and other carriers are also available.

What Are Desirable Features of a Large Smartphone?

Large smartphones are available across brands and may be unlocked or network locked to specific carriers. Often, these feature:

  • Pleasing Screen Displays. For heavy Android phone users like gamers or those dependent on a smartphone for daily communication and app usage, a large screen display does not strain the eyes.
  • Quality Images. Most large phones have High Definition resolutions. Displays are either LED, OLED, and even AMOLED which grants crisp colors and clear icons, images, and texts.
  • Fast Processor. Large Android smartphones typically have fast processors that respond well to system and various app processes. Single-core to octa-core devices matched with a large GB of RAM ensure a smooth user experience.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Smartphone?

  • File Storage. With a large GB of internal storage, you can keep files on the go. Modern models like the Note 5 and others can receive and read document files, spreadsheets, videos, photos, and more. An expandable memory lets you add more GB of storage for up to 256 GB. This means youll never run out of space. Units like the Galaxy Note have a large storage.
  • Constant Communication. With a long battery life, you can maintain communication via calls, SMS, and even email. Models like the Galaxy Note use Li-ion batteries. They can last a day of use on average.
  • Handy Camera. With a good camera resolution, you can skip on taking your heavy photography gear and just use your cellphone for taking pictures and videos. Devices like the Galaxy line offer high pixel camera lenses.
  • Mobile Internet. With Wi-Fi connectivity and LTE capability, you can enjoy fast internet browsing away from your home desktop or laptop. You can skip on taking your laptop every time you need to be outdoors. Mobile phones like the Sprint Note feature mobile internet. Some are GSM, others CDMA.

What Are Some Smartphone Accessories?

  • Replacement charger.For worry-free charging, a spare charger is good to keep. You never know when your current one will break down or get lost.
  • Stylus Pen. This makes writing and drawing easier. The S Pen is a type of stylus you can use for Galaxy units and other touchscreens.
  • Bluetooth Speaker.Play your music or watch a video as a group using a Bluetooth speaker. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 are capable of pairing with this accessory.

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