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Salomon Snowboards

Salomon designs snowboards for all techniques and terrains. Salomon has snowboards for men and women in a wide range of sizes.

What types of snowboards does Salomon make?

Salomon makes many different kinds of snowboards, including:

  • Powder/split boards - Powder boards are made for deep powder. Split boards are designed to be used in the backcountry. This type of board combines features from each style. This type of board has torsional flex and downhill responsiveness.
  • All-mountain boards - These Salomon styles are made for all snow conditions and terrain types. They are designed with all skill levels in mind.
  • All-terrain freestyle boards - This is another combination design. All-terrain boards can be used in any type of snow. Freestyle boards are designed for use in terrain parks. This combines features from both. These are typically used by experienced boarders.
  • Park and job boards - These snowboards are made for tricks. They are lightweight and responsive.

What rocker types does Salomon offer?

Rockers refer to the profile of Salomon snowboards. The brand offers the following options.

  • Camber - This traditional type curves slightly upwards in the middle.
  • Reverse-camber - This type curves slightly upwards at the ends. They are designed with deep powder terrain in mind.
  • Flat - Flat options are straight from the tip to the tail, with no curvature.
  • Rock-out camber - This option is a combination of the other three styles. Generally, they are flat between bindings, camber around the snowboard boots, and rocker on the outer edges.

What sizes does Salomon offer?

Salomon snowboards are sized by their length in centimeters. When choosing a size, consider your height, weight, and the type of snowboard youre getting. Freestyle options, for example, tend to be on the shorter side, while all-mountain and powder styles tend to be longer. Beginner riders are generally advised to choose shorter Salomon snowboards because it will give them more control. Some typical sizes you might see are listed below.

  • Men: 142 to 166 cm
  • Women: 135 to 155 cm

What materials are Salomon snowboards made of?

That answer depends on the part of the board in question.

  • Topsheet: The topsheet is the outermost upper layer of the board. It is usually covered with a graphic design. These can be glossy or matte. They are made of several materials.
  • Core: This is the center of the board. The core is usually made of wood or foam. It is usually surrounded by fiberglass.
  • Base: Board bases are usually made of heavy-duty plastic or graphite.

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