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Ruger Gun Parts

When you're ready to replace the parts in your Ruger LR or pistol, there are a variety of replacement accessories available.

What size magazines are available for Ruger pistols?

Depending on your pistol's model, your magazine may be able to handle anywhere from five to 10 rounds. You'll want to look at your firearm's manual to determine the proper number of shots your pistol's magazine can accept. Keep in mind that the number of rounds in the magazine does not reflect the number of rounds available. If you keep a shot in the barrel's chamber, you'll have the magazine count plus one.

What parts are available for Ruger long guns?

Accessories for the magnum and standard models in the Ruger line of long gun firearms include stocks, standard barrels, threaded barrels, magazines, and grips. Check before installing a threaded type of barrel on your magnum to ensure it is allowed in your state of residence. You can also find buttpads and items necessary to blue the LR stock and barrel to help reduce corrosion. Your specific version of the Ruger firearm will be the determining factor in the parts your rifle can use. Check the service manual to verify you're selecting the right specifications.

What are the dimensions of the replacement triggers?

The trigger of a Ruger pistol or LR is a small part with a dimension of a little over an inch long and weighing about an ounce. Other parts that work together with the trigger include hammer pins, which cause the hammer to hit the ammunition's primer.

Do the Ruger rifles and pistols have safety mechanisms?

You may have the ability to add a safety to the grips of your magnum or standard Ruger model. Another safety part you may want to consider for your firearm model includes a bolt stop for your rifle. When properly installed, a bolt stop causes the bolt to stay open when the chamber is empty. This safety mechanism lets you know if there's a bullet in the LR's chamber when the magazine is empty.

What types of shotgun stocks are available?

If you want to customize the appearance of your magnum or standard shotgun, consider replacing the current gun's stock with a unique type of wood that showcases the long gun's appearance. You may want to blue the new stock as this process can reduce the risk of corrosion to the stock and barrel.