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Choose the Ideal Round Tables for the Rooms in Your Home

A wide range of new and refurbished round tables for a living room, kitchen, hallway, office, or bedroom are for sale on eBay. The types of circular tables available include end, dining, side, coffee, and accent. These round tables are affordable and will not only help add beauty to a room, but they are also functional pieces that you can use for game nights, as a place to eat, doing work, and more.

What are the main styles of round tables?

Depending on your personal style and home decor theme, there are four main styles of circular tables to consider as a new piece of furniture.

  • Traditional: This is often considered a more formal style that often features ornate embellishments like carvings and turned legs.
  • Contemporary: This style typically consists of all-wood tables with sleek lines, but many feature metal bases and glass tops.
  • Transitional: Often this is a mix of both contemporary and traditional styles, and they feature traditional shapes and materials with clean lines.
  • Rustic: The distinguishing feature of this style is the distressed finish. It may also feature weathered, solid wood and feminine details like ornate hardware and curvy legs.
What are the top sizes and seating of circular tables?

There are three top sizes for basic circular tables. Each size has a suggestion for seating. Some common ones include:

  • 48-inch This table can seat up to six people.
  • 60-inch: This table can seat up to eight people.
  • 72-inch This table can seat up to 10 people.
How do I select the right size round coffee table?

Ideally, the height for a circular coffee table should be the same height as the cushions on your couch or about two inches lower. The coffee table you choose should be approximately two-thirds the length of your sofa. There should also be between 12-16 inches of space between your coffee table and the seating surrounding it.

What materials are the circular tables made from?

Depending on the style of circular table you choose, it may include the following materials:

  • Solid Wood
  • Glass
  • Marble
  • Metal
  • Resin