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How Robot Coupe Food Processors Can Help Your Restaurant

Robot Coupe food processors are commercial-grade appliances that can help chefs and assistants prepare their signature restaurant meals more efficiently. By chopping, slicing, and grating your key ingredients, you can have them ready for the next step. Robot Coupe food processors are designed and manufactured for frequent use and heavy volume.

How much food or ingredients can the blenders hold?

The maximum capacity of the bowl or holding container of the blenders and food processors are often listed in the product description, listed in quarts. On average, Robot Coupe blenders can manage 3 liquid quarts of ingredients.

What type of food processing can Robot Coupe blenders perform?

A busy restaurant kitchen staff can utilize many different food preparation methods that the Robot Coupe processors can handle, including:

  • Blend and puree
  • Chop and slice
  • Grate and julienne cut
  • Mix and knead
What types of ingredients can be used in these blenders?

Any ingredient that can be mashed, blended, or chopped easily into smaller pieces can be processed by the Robot Coupe. However, the ingredients need to fit through the opening of the continuous feed chute or upper funnel. Just like with most food processors, it may be easier to gradually add more ingredients while the appliance is operating. Therefore, larger vegetables may need to be coarsely sliced before you add them to your handy food processor.

How do you care for these blenders?

Here are a few maintenance tips for the Robot Coupe:

  • Wipe down the Robot Coupe with a slightly damp cloth. Make sure the cloth isn't sopping wet before cleaning.
  • To avoid contamination and mold growth, clean the parts of the food processor after each use. These include any pieces that have been in contact with food, such as the bowls, blades, and grating discs. Surface cleaning of any spills is also strongly recommended. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for proper cleaning of plastic and metal pieces.
  • Avoid overloading the food processor's bowl in order to preserve the life of the motor. Similarly, avoid adding very hard ingredients, like unshelled nuts or the pits of stone fruit.
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