Estuches, fundas y cubiertas para rojo para iPhone 6

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Brighten Your Day With a Red iPhone 6 Case

Cases, covers, and skins provide some cushioning for your iPhone 6 in the event that you drop it or something strikes it. A brightly colored case makes it easier to distinguish your smartphone from the others in your home, at school, or at work. Red cases, covers, and skins for your iPhone 6 come in many types and styles.

What are the available types for the red iPhone cases?

The available types of cases include:

  • Flip: The cover flips open so you can access the smartphone.
  • 3D: This type of case has a back part can fold outward to form a 90-degree triangle. When placed on a flat surface, this extension holds up the smartphone. It folds flat when not in use.
  • Protective shockproof: This hard case cover consists of three pieces: two that snap together around the phone, plus a third piece to cushion the back of the device.
  • Skin: Soft, lightweight, and flexible, this sort of case hugs the contours of the phone. It may be transparent, translucent, or opaque.
  • Battery: A battery is built into this case to keep the smartphone charged.
  • Wallet: This folding phone case has three sections. The side sections may have storage areas.
  • Clip: This type of case has a loop and clip for attaching to a belt, bag, or purse.
What are some of the features of red iPhone cases?

Some of the available features include:

  • Card pocket: The case may have one or more pockets for fitting a drivers license, debit or credit card, or identification badge into the case along with your phone.
  • Kickstand: Part of the back of the case folds outward and keeps the phone in a vertical position when the case is placed on a flat surface.
  • Screen protector: Some of the cases have a transparent cover that fits over the smartphones screen and offers protection from spills and scratches.
Which brands produce red cases for the iPhone 6?

Many manufacturers produce branded cases for the iPhone 6 and 6s. The available brands include Apple, Head Case Designs, Tech 21, OtterBox, Under Armour, Samsung, and Life Proof. You can also select an unbranded case.

What are the designs and finishes for the cases?

The available designs and finishes include:

  • Jeweled: Rhinestones, sequins, or beads may be bonded or stitched onto the case.
  • Glossy: This finish reflects light.
  • Matte: This finish absorbs light.
  • Metallic and glitter: The metallic and glittery finishes partially reflect light.
  • Patterned and pictorial: The available patterns and pictures include stripes, dots, chevrons, hearts, and more.
Which materials are these red smartphone cases made from?

The available choices for materials include:

  • Carbon fiber: This is extruded plant material formed into fibers that are bonded together.
  • Leather or synthetic leather:The cases may be constructed from 100% leather or synthetic leather.
  • Rigid plastic: This material is typically used for snap-on cases.
  • Metal: Aluminum or stainless steel may be used in the construction of the case or the clip that attaches a cases belt loop to a belt.
  • Silicone, rubber, or gel: These flexible materials are typically used for iPhone skins.