Try an Eye-Catching Red Bumper Case for Your iPhone 6

Your phone is probably a very important part of your daily life, helping you make calls, send texts, and even write important notes to yourself. Because of this, you might be looking for a phone case that fits well and that will provide your well-used iPhone 6 with adequate protection.

What is a bumper phone case?

A bumper case is a certain variety of phone case that helps protect the sides of your device. It features a raised edge design that will aid in impact absorption in the event that you drop your phone. It can also help to protect your device from scratches and cracking. There are usually four bumper parts: one on each corner of your phone. These cases can come in a variety of materials and colors. The most common material is a silicone rubber composite.

How can you tell that a bumper case will fit your iPhone?

Proper fit is important. For a phone case of any kind to work properly and to provide adequate protection, follow this checklist:

  • Step 1: Find out which model of iPhone you have. There are a few different iPhone 6 models available.
  • Step 2: Once you know which iPhone model you have, check that the case will fit that specific model.
  • Step 3: Be sure that your phone isn't cracked, warped, or bent. This can affect the way a case fits.
Do bumper cases include a protective cover?

A protective cover and screen protector are other important phone defenses. A cover can encase the bumpers and help provide even more durability. A screen protector helps to protect your device's screen from scratches and sometimes even cracks. If you want a screen protector and casing, opt for a bumper case that comes with an entire protection kit.

How can you tell which model of iPhone 6 you have?

To get the right case, it's important to know how to find out which specific model of iPhone 6 that you have. Look at the back of your phone. There is usually a model number in the small text there. It will start A1 and have four numbers after it. You can then look at this list to see which phone you have:

  • iPhone Plus (6S): A1634, A1687, and A1690
  • iPhone 6S: A1699, A1633, and A1688
  • iPhone 6 Plus: A1691, A1700, A1522, A1524, and A1593
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