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A Quick Reference Guide to RadioShack Wireless Home Intercoms

Intercom systems are a great way to communicate at home, allowing you to listen in on the baby or quickly call the whole family together with a wireless intercom system. eBay has a wide variety of RadioShack intercom systems available for home use, and they are all designed to make communication easier.

How do you use a RadioShack wireless intercom?

To use your RadioShack intercom system, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Install batteries or plug in the units.
  • Step 2: Then set each intercom to the same channel and subtone so that they can communicate with each other.
  • Step 3: Press and hold "Talk" to speak. Release the "Talk" button to listen.

The RadioShack 43-124 wireless intercom with VOX offers hands-free use. To use the intercom without your hands, press the "VOX" button until the VOX indicator light turns on. Continue to press repeatedly to set higher levels of voice receptivity. Because systems are different, always refer to your owner's manual when installing and learning how to use a RadioShack intercom.

Do RadioShack intercom systems need batteries?

It depends. The RadioShack wireless intercom systems sold on eBay can be plugged into a standard wall outlet, so you don't have to use batteries. You can use rechargeable or alkaline batteries if you don't want to keep the units plugged in. If you choose rechargeable batteries, make certain your intercom's "recharge" switch is set to "on" when you plug in the unit. If you use standard alkaline batteries, be sure the unit's "recharge" switch is set to "off" to avoid potential battery overheating or damage.

Can you use RadioShack intercom systems to monitor specific areas?

To use the RadioShack 43-3102 intercom to monitor a bedroom or any area, just press "Lock" on the intercom in the area. The "Transmit" sign will then flash, indicating it is fixed on one area. When you are finished monitoring that area, press "Talk" and "Transmit" will turn off, ending the monitoring. Perform these same actions on the RadioShack 43-124 intercom to use it when monitoring a specific area. No matter which system you use, you can only monitor one intercom at a time. When an intercom is being used for monitoring, it cannot receive transmissions from other units.

What RadioShack wireless intercom systems are compatible with each other?

The RadioShack 43-3102 wireless intercom system is compatible with the RadioShack 43-124 wireless intercom system. Also, the RadioShack 43-3105 wireless intercom system is compatible with the RadioShack 43-219 wireless intercom system.