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REI Camping Tents

Camping is a terrific way to be able to explore the outdoors and get away from the bustling city, and because a tent is often the only thing protecting you from the elements, it is critical that you invest in a good one when you are picking out new gear. REI is well known for supplying and providing high-end outdoor and recreational goods and services, and it offers a wide variety of camping tents and accessories to help make your camping experiences run more smoothly. REI offers gear for backpacking and car camping, providing you with the proper shelter to have overhead when you are camping.

What types of camping tents does REI make?
  • 3-Season: The REI 3-season models of tent are designed to provide adequate protection from the rain or snow during a majority of the year. Mesh panels are often incorporated to help provide protection from insects in warmer weather.
  • Extended-Season: These models often incorporate a few more stakes or poles for extra stability in rough weather. They also utilize less mesh to contain more warmth. These are ideal for high-elevation camping or for use early or late in the season when the temperature may drop.
  • 4-Season: The 4-season models from REI utilize heavier poles and material in domed designs for added protection in extreme weather while keeping you warm and dry.
Do you need to have a rainfly?

A rainfly is a waterproof cover that is placed over the tent and fastens down to the bottom corners. The design is meant to funnel water off and away from the tent. If you are camping in areas where it may rain or snow heavily, or if you are backpacking and do not want your gear to get wet, a rainfly is a helpful accessory.

What is a vestibule, or garage?

A vestibule, also known as a garage, is an awning that can attach to your tent to provide an extra storage compartment that sits outside. A vestibule is a great place to store dirty shoes or to place your packs in the event that you require more sleeping space inside. Vestibules can be quite handy for backpacking tents.

What other features does REI provide with its gear?
  • Footprint: A footprint is a ground cloth that is made specifically to fit under your camping or backpacking tent. These help to protect the bottom from rocks or other sharp objects when you are inside. Footprints help to reduce wear and tear and can help prolong the life of your tent, especially if it is used whenever you go backpacking or camping.
  • Loft: A loft is an attachable pocket or shelf that can be fastened on the inside near the top, allowing you to store gear up off the floor to provide extra space, which can be especially useful when backpacking.
  • Stakes: REI has a variety of different types of stakes to help you fasten your tent into virtually any type of ground, delivering maximum stability in all kinds of conditions.
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