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Purple Wedding Tulles

On your wedding day, you want your dress and your venue decorations elegant and light. Purple tulle is a versatile material that can be used to make a variety of garments, decorations, and other items that can elevate your wedding experience. However, the material is made from a variety of different materials, hefts, and transparency, so you want to ensure that the purple tulle you have your eye on will work for you.

What is purple tulle made of?

This fine netting material can be made from a variety of of materials. The different tulles are known by different names, including:

  • Bride illusion: This tulle is made from nylon. It has quite a bit of poof and is relatively transparent. It is most commonly used to make bride veils.
  • English tulle: This netting, made from cotton, has more drape.
  • Silk: This material is less transparent than bride illusion or English tulle. It is heavier than the other two types and has the most drape.
What can wedding tulle be used for?

This material can be used to make a variety of different items, including:

  • Accents: Soft, lightweight purple tulle can be used to add accents or touches of color to wedding garments and the venue.
  • Garments: Tulle fabric is often used to make undergarments and may be used to add volume to a wedding gown or bridesmaid dress. Purple tulle may also be used to add bows and other embellishments to the dresses.
  • Veils: Soft tulle made from nylon is often used to make these important accessories for brides. The netting allows the bride to see out while still slightly obscuring the bride's face.
  • Decorations: Because the material has a certain elegance, it is often used to decorate the venue. For example, purple tulle can be tied around wedding chairs, used in delicate centerpieces, or used in tablecloths.
What should you consider when looking for purple tulle?

When looking at materials to use in your wedding, consider the:

  • Function: Depending on what you are using the material for, you may want to consider the type. For example, if you are looking to add volume to a gown, bride illusion may be a good option due to the poof the material has. If you need material that will drape, consider one of the heavier materials.
  • Length: When looking for tulle, consider the amount of the material you will need to complete your garments or decorations.
  • Shade: Even though you know you want purple tulle for your wedding, you should be aware that the material can come in different shades of purple. You may want to ensure that the purple shade matches or complements your other wedding colors.