Protect Your Phone with a Wallet Case

When it comes to protecting your phone, there are a variety of cases to choose from. Not only is a wallet case a great cover for your phone, it also allows you to keep money and cards safely together. If purple is your favorite color, you can find some great looking cases that you can use for protection for your iPhone 5.

What are the Advantages of Using a Wallet Case?

  • Easy to access your phone: A wallet case holds your phone and has a flip cover on the top, often with a magnetic clasp. When you want to use your iPhone to make a call or go on the internet, you simply open the cover. You can fold the cover around so that you can comfortably hold the phone in your hand while you are making a call.
  • Doubles as a wallet: If you don't like having to carry around both your iPhone and wallet, you can make use of the built-in card holder slots in your purple wallet case to carry some credit cards and cash. You could also fit a key inside as well. This is extremely useful if pocket or bag space is at a minimum.
  • Offers protection: While a wallet case cover may not be the strongest form of protection for your phone, it can certainly help to keep it looking like new. Some models do offer shock protection or anti-scratch, while others help to guard against water and dust damage.

What Purple Styles Can I Find?

You have lots of different colors and styles to choose from if you are looking for a purple iPhone 5 case. Some of the options you have are:

  • Leather case: Leather cases look and feel luxurious and are a popular choice for wallet cases. You can find plain purple models or some with pictures or patterns.
  • Zip case: As the name suggests, a zip case opens up with a zipper and has a place for your phone, cash, and cards.

What are the Alternatives to a Wallet Case?

If you don't fancy using a wallet case and would prefer to keep your wallet and iPhone 5 separate, you can look at one of these other options:

  • Silicone case: A silicone case is an ultra-thin protective sleeve that fits over your iPhone 5, and offers protection from dust and water drops. It also forms an anti-slip barrier that makes it easier to grip your phone.
  • Waterproof and shockproof cases: A waterproof and shockproof case is bulkier than a silicone case but is a great option if you tend to drop your phone a lot and need the extra protection.

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