Purple Bridal Shoes

From stiletto heels to boots to pumps, brides and the other women in the wedding party have been known to choose an array of shoes. You can find purple wedding shoes to coordinate with any wedding dress. Knowing the different styles of bridal shoes will allow you to choose the right pair to strap into for the big day.

Who wears purple wedding shoes?

Anyone in the bridal party can choose to wear wedding shoes in purple. Whether they're covered in rhinestones or understated pumps, the wedding shoes can be worn by anyone who wants to look stylish.

  • Bride: The bride might decide to go with purple shoes to be different and to add a splash of color.
  • Bridesmaids: If the dresses are purple, it might be nice to have coordinating shoes.
  • Flower girl: A flower girl might want purple sandals or flats.
  • Mother of the bride: Even the mother of the bride might want to wear a high heel in purple.
What are the heel options for bridal shoes?

Whether you want a high heel or a flat, there are options for you. The shoes can add some height and help to showcase the dress better.

  • Flat: Flats are popular for those who don't want to worry about pumps.
  • Wedge: If you're not comfortable in heels, a wedge heel might be easier to walk in.
  • High heel: A high heel can be found with an ankle strap or as pumps.
  • Stiletto: You can opt for a very high heel with a stiletto design.
What are the available toe designs on wedding shoes?

When you're shopping for shoes, you should pay attention to more than just the rhinestone design or the strap. Also look at how the toes are shown off.

  • Closed-toe: There is no opening at the tip of the shoe.
  • Peep-toe: A small opening shows off just the hint of toe.
  • Open-toe: Similar to sandals, you can show off a beautiful pedicure.
Can shoes be dyed to match a dress?

It is possible to dye your shoes to match the exact purple that you are after. Dyeing your shoes is a great way to match them to the dresses of the bridal party.

  • Look at original color: Ivory-, white-, and champagne-colored wedding shoes can often be dyed.
  • Look at material: Satin is the preferred material for dyeing bridal shoes.
How do you shop for wedding shoes in purple?

When you want to have you or everyone in the party in purple, it's important to find the right shoes. This means looking at a few different aspects:

  • Color: Choose the right hue to coordinate with the white or other-colored dress.
  • Style: Look at the overall design of the shoe, from stiletto to the toe design.
  • Size: Choose the right size for the person wearing the shoes.