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All About the Powertec Fitness Workbench Multi System

Able to hold up to three users and with multiple stations, the Powertec Fitness workbench multi system is designed for the gym and home. A leader in the market for gyms with multiple stations, the workbench multi system by Powertech is also designed for complete body training and expandable with extra accessories that adjust to your needs.

Reasons to buy a home gym

Buying gym equipment is a great investment of time, money, and effort. That is why the quicker and more effortless the process, the more cost-friendly it can be. Here are three reasons why you should buy a home gym from the new and used Powertec options available to you on eBay:

  • Save money: When you have your own home gym, you need to remember that you don’t pay a monthly fee to able to use it. That means if you decide to take a break or go on vacation, you aren’t being charged for a gym that you aren’t even using.
  • Work out at your own pace: Everyone has different needs and adheres to different schedules. That means that if you have an unexpected appointment on a Saturday, you should still be able to work out when you finish.
  • Better focus: When you have a home gym, keep in mind that it is in the privacy of your home. You will not need to worry about what you look like or engage in small talk with strangers. You can watch television, listen to music, or work out in complete silence. It all depends on you.
Does the Powertec Fitness workbench allow for a shoulder press?

Yes, the workbench can be adjusted to allow for a shoulder press. Even though the seat's backrest may not position at 90 degrees in correlation to the ground, it is designed to fit against the arc angle of the lever arms to give you the angle and motion of a shoulder press.

Additions to WB-MS16-BB model

Some models of the Powertec Fitness workbench multi system offer a wider footplate for the squat station to provide better support and a broader surface area. The WB-MS16-BB model also features a plate for accessory support that is located on the inner part of the bench frame accessory receiver tube. This plate is designed to secure all Powertec accessories.

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