Piezas de pistola

Pistol Parts

Some pistol parts come standard, but others need to be added or switched in order to be personalized. The type and quality of your pistol parts can have a big impact on your enjoyment and success in hobby shooting and even how well you are able to defend yourself with a firearm.

What parts make up a pistol?

No matter your reason for being a gun owner or user, it is important that you understand its anatomy and how it functions. Knowing these things will help you perform better and also help ensure your safety as well as the safety of those around you. These are the basic components that determine its operation and classification:

  • Muzzle: This is the opening on the front of the firearm where the ammunition comes out.
  • Breech: Simply put, the breech is the back of the gun. Older models were only able to be loaded through the muzzle and were referred to as muzzle-loading. However, since technology has improved, they are loaded through the breech and are referred to as breech-loading.
  • Hammer: This piece is what contacts the bullet primer in order to ignite the gunpowder and move the bullet out of the muzzle. Most handguns and some rifles have a hammer that is visible from the outside. Most rifles and some shotguns have an internal one. Still, for others, there is no primer contact at all. Instead, a firing pin is struck by the hammer, which drives it forward into the bullets primer.
  • Trigger: To file the round, you must pull the trigger. On some, like single-action revolvers, you must cock the hammer back in order to pull the trigger and fire the round. However, on some guns, the trigger pull has a dual-action job in that it both cocks the hammer and then releases it to fire the gun.
  • Grip: To hold your handgun, you must place your hand on the grip. Different grips are available in order to increase your comfort and performance.
  • Magazine: This spring-loaded container can be fixed or detachable. Its purpose is holding cartridges for a repeating firearm.
  • Trigger guard: This piece wraps around the trigger in order to protect and provide safety.
How do you clean and polish a pistol?

In order to keep your gun and its barrel, grip, and other parts working well, you will need to clean your pistol periodically. To clean it, always make sure it is not loaded and then follow the manufacturer instructions. You may want to get a cleaning kit that has brushes, liquid cleaners, lubricants, polishing agents, and soft cloths to make cleaning your pistol an easier task.