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Pioneer Pro Audio Parts and Accessories

Pioneer is a brand in the pro audio system market. When you need to replace or repair a component of your Pioneer system, you might need a full component or just spare parts. You can find the Pioneer pro audio parts and accessories you need and learn more about them here.

What types of professional Pioneer sound equipment are available?

There is a wide range of audio equipment ranging from mixers to DJ multi-entertainment players that can be found in this category. Below is a list of some of the items:

  • Professional media players: The professional media players have Wi-Fi connectivity and can sync up to other players. An example is Pioneer’s CDJ-2000NXS.
  • 4-channel mixers: You can create more than 100 types of effects with the 4-channel mixer. It has a USB connector to DJ software, it has a 24bit/96kHz high-Performance USB soundcard, and it has a Boost Color FX feature.
  • Professional multi-entertainment players: The performance player includes the Rekordbox music management software, a seven-inch, full-color touchscreen, and a jump/loop move function.
  • DVD video/CD decks: DVD video or CD decks allow you to manually change out your DVDs and CDs.
  • Audio digital timers: Automate unattended recordings with these 24-hour digital clocks with time-activated switches.
  • Crossfaders: Merge sound from two or more sources into a single recording or live performance.
What kinds of Pioneer spare parts are available?

Spare parts range from carrying cases to replacement circuit boards. Below is a list of some of the categories of Pioneer parts and accessories available.

  • Controller bags: Get a carrying bag to transport your Pioneer controller from place to place.
  • Controller skins: These are decorative skins that can be applied to the face plate of your controller.
  • Channel faders: Replace individual fader channel controls on a variety of mixers.
  • Controller panels: Replace the front panel on a controller.
  • Fader panels: Replace your fader's front panel.
  • Circuit boards and PCBs: Replace damaged circuit boards to repair Pioneer equipment like controllers, players, and mixers.
What features does the Pioneer DDJ-SX controller have?

The DDJ-SX allows DJs to create performances using the Serato DJ. It includes features like performance pads that allow multiple tracks to be arranged through actions like finger-tapping patterns. It also has a jog dial for scratching effects and a 4-channel mixer for multi-track mixing with up to four decks. The controls are arranged in a layout with many input and outputs available. It has a decorative top panel, jog wheels, and eight soft-touch controllers.