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Bring More Clarity to Your Music with Pioneer Amplifiers

Do you want to have a more customized stereo system? There are many options on the market that can help you enhance your car audio. Pioneer has a line of amplifiers that can help you improve your sound system.

How does an amplifier enhance the audio system?

The amplifier takes a weak power signal and amplifies it. If a speakers clarity is insufficient, it may lead to hearing a lot of distortion at higher volumes. If this is an issue, adding more power to an amplifier can give you that clarity. Amplifiers come with different channels to connect multiple components. Pioneer has a selection of amplifiers that can improve your cars audio system to give you the desired effect you seek.

You should consider purchasing a Pioneer amp if you want to:

  • Power a subwoofer and tweeters
  • Have audio without distortion
  • Increase the sound of your existing system
How many channels do you need?

You may see an amp with mono, two, four, or six channels. What does that mean? Amplifiers come in various channels depending on your equipment. Usually, there should be only one speaker per channel. Subwoofers and tweeters also should have their own channels. In a typical stereo setup, each piece of equipment is connected to one channel. This allows you to maximize your power input. The tweeters and subwoofers can be connected to the mono channels. The remaining equipment is connected to the numbered outputs. An audio system can have multiple configurations of channels.

Does Pioneer have digital amps?

A digital amp is also known as a class D amp. This equipment is mainly designed for bass frequencies. The digital output will have a clean sound while the analog output produces warm tones. Pioneer has a wide selection of these models on the market. They have classified them as their GM Digital Series.

The following models are part of the Pioneer GM Series:

  • GM-D9605
  • GM-D9601
  • GM-D8604
  • GM-D8601
  • GM-D1004
How many watts are needed for an amplifier?

When selecting an amplifier, you need to know how many watts will be required to power the equipment. Amplifiers come in many variations of watts. The determining factor will be the output of the RMS power rating. This is the measure of continuous power that the amp can put out or what the speaker can manage. For an amp to work correctly, you need to find a product that powers a value between 75 and 150 of the RMS number.

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