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Pretty In Pink: Finding a Pink Case for Your iPhone 6

Your iPhone is probably one of the most important and useful accessories that you carry with you. You don't want to go through the frustration of finding out you have damaged your smartphone. If you are looking for a stylish and protective iPhone 6 case, there are a few things to consider.

What kinds of soft cases are available for an iPhone?

Soft iPhone 6 cases are flexible while still offering protection.

  • Bumper cases: Bumper cases are designed to protect your iPhone if it gets dropped. They cover the sides and corners of your phone and have clear or colored silicone or rubber bumpers that help distribute shock impact to avoid cracking your iPhone's screen.
  • Skins: Skins for an iPhone 6, or for any smartphone, are great for providing stylish and lightweight protection. They aid in protecting your iPhone from light impact damage, scrapes, and scratches.
What kinds of hard cases are there?

Hard cases are designed to protect against things like impact, cracking, and in some cases, water damage.

  • Element proof/waterproof: These cases are a full coverage shell and rubber combination with multiple components. They usually include a bumper type silicone backing, hard shell cover, and frontal protection. They must fit your phone's exact make and model to work correctly. Remember that while some waterproof cases are fully immersible, others are better described as water resistant and are only made to resist small quantities of water.
  • Shell cases: Shell cases are a great way to provide your iPhone with protection and are easy to install. They are designed to help you avoid dings, scrapes, scratches, cracks, and the buildup of debris in the crevices of your device. They can also be called "snap-on" cases. A shell case must fit your exact make and model of phone to work correctly.
  • Ultimate cases: These are the most protective phone case options. Many are designed for users who plan to use their phones in outdoor environments. They can be made of many materials including metal and acrylic.
Will your case fit your model of iPhone 6?

To be sure a case will fit, you will need to choose one that's designed specifically for your exact make and model of phone. If you have an iPhone 6, choose a case that is specifically designed for your model of iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 comes in an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 S, 6 Plus, and 6 S Plus model type. If you aren't sure which model variation of iPhone 6 you own, turn on your phone and go to Settings > General > About to find the SKU product information you need.