Pimsleur Education & Reference Software - Spanish Version

Learn to Speak Spanish With the Pimsleur Method

Beyond the pride and satisfaction that go with having learned a new language, mastering one opens up new horizons. Spanish is spoken all over Latin America as well as in Spain. Pimsleur courses, available on eBay, can make the process of learning it easier for you by breaking the content into manageable lessons.

The Pimsleur language learning method for Spanish

The Pimsleur approach is based on a concept known as the Spaced Repetition System. This refers to the idea that when learning a language and hearing a new word for the first time, you tend to forget the word soon after. When you hear it again, it may sound slightly familiar. As you hear the word repeated over and over, the amount of time before you forget it again tends to lengthen until, eventually, you can to remember the word.

Pimsleur Spanish exploits this fact by recalling new words almost immediately after theyve been introduced, then systematically lengthening the time between later mentions of those words as you progress through your lessons.

Types of Pimsleur Spanish packages

A wide variety of new and preowned Pimsleur Spanish courses are available for sale on eBay, so you can choose one that most closely matches your language learning goals and fits your budget.

If your ambition is to become a fluent Spanish speaker, you might want to purchase a comprehensive package like the Pimsleur Gold Edition Level 1-5. If you only wish to learn enough conversational Spanish to enjoy a vacation abroad, you can purchase a smaller, less expensive course like Pimsleur Quick and Simple Spanish.

Pimsleur Spanish versus other language learning software

Like most kinds of language learning software, Pimsleur is audio-based, meaning that youll hear conversations in the language you are learning. However, there are major differences between Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone, the other major language learning program.

  • Incorporates English - Pimsleur incorporates some English in its lessons, while Rosetta Stone Spanish lessons are entirely in Spanish.
  • Focuses on sound - Pimsleur focuses more on the actual sound of spoken Spanish, whereas Rosetta Stone teaches using more pictures and texts.
  • Cultural nuances - Pimsleur tries to communicate some of the cultural nuances of Latin American Spanish as opposed to Spanish in Spain, but Rosetta Stone does not differentiate between the cultures.
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