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Philips 50-60 Inch TVs

Finding the Right 50- to 60-Inch Screen TV

Selections for the same size TV often vary, based on the TV model, integrated technologies, and picture and display options. Exploring all of those factors is a good way to determine which options work well for your needs. Philips is a major Dutch brand of home electronics manufacturers whose televisions have won many industry awards, so even the most discriminating shopper will find a TV which can meet their needs.

What are the Capabilities of 50 to 60 Inch Screen Smart TVs?

Smart TVs are increasingly common, and the company provides many different useful options for tech-forward consumers. Many of the most sought-after options for Smart TVs include:

  • Home Network Streaming
  • Internet Browsing
  • Downloadable Apps
  • Wi-Fi Capability

What About TV Resolution?

The resolution of a TV ultimately impacts picture quality and clarity, regardless of screen size. The bulk of Philips models in this size will be in 1080p resolution. Some models have a resolution of up to 2160p, sometimes also called 4K or HD. Aiming for a higher resolution TV, such as a 4K or HD variety, is likely to impact the final price of the TV you want to purchase.

What are the Picture Options?

Whether youre looking for an HD TV or not, its important to note that resolution isnt the only element that can impact video quality for a TV. The most common picture options include:

  • LCD. This technology began to replace plasma options in newer TVs, affording manufacturers the ability to make thinner, lighter TVs.
  • LED LCD. Using an LED back panel makes the TV image brighter and ultra-sharp, and it extends the life of the screen while also reducing the TVs energy footprint substantially.
  • Plasma. Plasma TV panels are heavier than LCD and LED options and take more power to operate. Generally, only older options utilize this technology.
  • Rear-Projection. Rear-projection TVs are immensely deep and heavy without the clarity of picture or energy-saving power consumption of other varieties.

What Should I Consider When Looking for Sound?

Philips has many different sound options for the discriminating audiophile, each of which should be considered with care. Most modern iterations have Bluetooth technology, allowing the TV to connect wirelessly with speakers, subwoofers, soundbars, and mixers. Audio out jacks are also common on modern televisions, which allow wired sound transmission. Most televisions also come with different internal configurable sound settings to optimize ones watching experience, with different optimizations of bass, treble, directionality, and other factors. These settings usually include Standard, Movie, News, Music, and Game settings as well as fully-customizable fine-tuning options.

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