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Panasonic Single Use Batteries

Recognizing How a CR2 Battery Works

The CR-2 battery format has become vital for many digital camera devices. The CR2 battery is a button top unit that fits into many modern cameras. Panasonic makes many CR2 batteries for use in these cameras.

The CR2 standard works with lithium power. This is utilized in a non-rechargeable body to produce enough power to use inside a Li-ion digital camera among other applications.

What are Voltage and Capacity Points?

The nominal voltage on lithium batteries is around 3 volts. This operates with a capacity of about 800 mAh.

The drain on these batteries is more significant when you take more photos in a shorter time. The drain on the battery when you take three shots in about 27 seconds is listed at 900 mA. That drain increases to at least 1200 mA when you take those three photo shots in seven seconds.

The voltage may also be higher if you take a photo at a higher temperature. These batteries operate in conditions from -40 to 60 degrees Celsius or -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, thus ensuring you will get any photo on your Panasonic camera taken quickly. Be aware of how energy drains from these batteries when taking a shot.

What is the Value of Lithium?

The lithium power used in your batteries is vital to see. These are several points about the battery that make it accessible:

  • Added density. These batteries operate with more power density. The battery will not run out of power far too quickly.
  • Low self-discharge. The self-discharge rate on these batteries should be less than 1 percent on average. The low rate keeps the battery from running out of power on its own.
  • No priming. Li-ion cells do not have to be primed before you can use them. The lithium battery will start working from stock to installation faster than most other batteries.
  • Easy to clean off. The terminals are not as likely to corrode as what you would get off of other items.

Size Standards

A CR2 battery uses the following size points:

  • Height. The battery is about 27 mm in height. This is a little over an inch.
  • Width. The unit is about 15.5 mm wide, but the contact spot at the bottom should be 8.5 mm. The button top is around 6.5 mm in diameter.
  • Weight. The CR2 battery weighs about 11 grams or 0.4 ounces on average. These batteries add little mass to a camera or other device.

What are Some Added Functions?

In addition to working in digital cameras, CR2 batteries can also work in other small tech devices. Batteries may work in tablet PCs and calculators among other items that require minimal voltage.

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