What Do I Need for a Car Line Output Converter?

When you have a car sound system, you want to make sure it's connected to your factory radio. One way to connect your RCA sound system to your vehicle is a line output converter.

What Can a PAC Car Line Output Converter Do for Me?

You might wonder what a car audio line converter do for you.

  • A LOC, or line output converter, is the way you connect your normal car audio system to your enhanced car audio stereo and amplifier.
  • When your car doesn't stereos have preamp outputs, you can use an output converter to wire your car's audio system to the amplifiers and subwoofer.
  • You use the output converter to connect the RCA line to the speaker wire already present in your car.
  • If you don't want to mess with the normal factory radio in your car, either because of aesthetics or so that you won't damage the resale value of the car, an output converter, or LOC, is necessary to set up your car amplifiers and subwoofers.

How Do I Hook Up a Line Output Converter?

If you've bought a LOC, you'll need to install it in your car.

  • You may want to take your LOC and your vehicle audio system to a sound expert. They will be able to install your LOC plus give you any recommendations about what do with your sound system.
  • To connect your LOC to your car's audio, connect the stereo speaker to the LOC input. Then use the RCA cables to connect the signal from the LOC to your amplifier.
  • Make sure your audio speakers and everything else is connected to your car battery so that it's powered properly.

What are Line Output Converter Options?

We have a list of LOC that might work for you and your car audio system.

  • PAC SNI-35 Variable LOC
    • You can use the SNI-35 to a factory radio so you can convert the radio's speaker level output to the lower RCA
    • Phase Adjusted
    • .5 dB Linearity from 20 - 20,000 Hz
  • Rockford Fosgate RF-HLC4
    • 4-channel line output converter
    • It has an input up to 10.5volts
    • It has ground leads to reduce noise
  • Scosche SLC4 LOC
    • Hook up either a 2-channel or 4-channel amplifier to this adapter.
  • Scosche LOC90 Speaker to RCA
    • This is a line output converter with remote level control
    • This LOC converts speaker wire outputs to RCA outputs

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