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What to Look For in OtterBox Cases and Covers for iPhone 5 Phones

An Apple smartphone case or cover can offer protection to your device as well as reflect your personal style. The OtterBox cases and covers for iPhone 5 Apple phones come with a wide array of different features that include an external photo lens, screen protector, car pocket, and solar charger. These accessories can also be made from such materials as rubber and rigid plastic to protect your iPhone's screen and hardware.

Which types of smartphone cases are available?

The OtterBox cases and covers available for the iPhone include:

  • Bumper case: This is a type of case that comes with a raised edge design and is meant to be slotted around the corners and edges of your iPhone 5 phone. They can come in a variety of textures and do not include any form of backing, although some of these bumper cases include screen protectors.
  • Hybrid case: This is a type of case that comes with a two-layer design that is placed over the display of your smartphone. The top layer is made from a rigid plastic that does not have any flexibility. The second layer on this case comes in a soft silicone material. Another option is the OtterBox Defender cover which offers three layers of protection to guard your phone. The Defender Series comes in various colors to suit your personal tastes.
  • Fitted case: This is a thin case that can be attached to the back and sides of your smartphone. These cases typically come with a range of color options for you to select.
  • Wallet case: This is a case that comes with a right side for you to slot your phone and a left side that is meant to fold over the smartphone and latch shut. They can sometimes come with card pockets and are usually made from leather.
What are the different designs and finishes with these cases?

These cases can come in an array of different designs and finishes, the most common of which include pictorial designs of different characters and flowers. Some of the available finishes that you can select include glossy, jeweled, matte, and metallic. The various designs that are available to you include patterned, pictorial, transparent, and plain designs.

How do you choose a smartphone case?
  • Select a case type: The various types of cases and covers available to you include 3D cases, hybrid cases, wallet cases, pouches, and bumper cases. There are also shock-absorbing cases, snap-on cases, anti-fingerprint cases, slim shell cases, ultra-thin cases, flip cases, and cases with rubberized inner layers.
  • Choose your preferred color: These cases can come in a variety of color options that include black, blue, and red.
  • Select a design and finish: The designs and finishes that are outfitted on these cases include glossy and jeweled finishes as well as patterned and pictorial designs.
  • Consider the available materials: The many available materials that these cases can be made from include silicone, leather, rigid plastic, and neoprene.