Wood Wall Shelves

Wood wall shelves come in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes to match any home decor. Versatile shelves can be used for storage, display, or organization. All of this leaves you with plenty of options to decide which shelving style is right for your home.

What types of wood shelving are available?

Wood wall shelves can be placed in three basic design categories:

  • Floating shelves: These appear to "float" on the wall, with no visible supports such as hardware or fasteners.
  • Hanging shelves: These have visible supports, such as brackets, beneath the horizontal ledge.
  • Corner shelves: These may be either floating or hanging types. These wood shelves are specially designed to nestle snugly in a corner. Therefore, the back of the corner shelf is typically a 90-degree or right angle.
How do you safely install wood shelves in a home?

Safely installing wood shelves is important as an improperly installed shelving unit may fall, causing injury or breaking the items stored on the wall shelf.

Most come with installation instructions and fasteners. Follow these instructions. If your wall shelf will be holding heavy items, it is beneficial to locate the wall studs and firmly attach the shelf to these. For walls constructed of drywall, sheet rock, or similar materials, hollow-wall anchors may be used. Use a level to position the wall shelf, thereby preventing items from sliding off the shelf's surface.

Tools you may need include:

  • Instruction manual or other instructions
  • Hardware, such as brackets, nails, screws, and hollow-wall anchors
  • An electronic stud finder
  • A level
  • Hammer, screwdriver, or drill
Are wooden shelves made from solid wood?

The exact makeup of the wall shelf depends on the individual product. Some are made from solid timber, and others are made from composite fibers. Many include non-wooden parts, such as plastic backings or metal brackets.

What should be considered when choosing a wooden wall shelf?

Home decorating is a wonderful way to express your personality and tastes within your living environment. However, you may be wondering how to choose the perfect wood shelf to add to the decor or your favorite room. Consider the following suggestions for achieving optimal home shelving results:

  • How big is your space? Use a tape measure or similar tool to measure the space in which you'd like to hang a wood shelf, then check the product dimensions. Always choose a shelf size that is smaller than the available space to ensure ample room.
  • How many items do you wish to display? Consider the items in question when deciding on the size of your shelf. If you wish to store large items such as books, remember to check the shelf depth. Some shelves are narrow, fitting closely against the wall. Wide shelves are the most suitable for books. Also, if you would like to display a large number of items, consider using multiple shelves, perhaps arranged in a decorative pattern.
  • How heavy are your items? Books, stoneware, and other heavy items may require extra support. Be sure to check your shelf's weight rating, and anchor the shelf firmly to the wall.