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Other US Stamps

Stamp collecting involves the collection of postage stamps and other related objects. Like coins, the study of stamps and love for collecting is one of the world's most ventured hobbies that remain popular as time goes by. With the rapid growth of postal services in the United States and all other countries, collectors are coming across more and more souvenir and collectible items to gather and keep. Even with the advent of the electronic age, the post office is here to provide customer service, both local and international.

What are excellent Post Office Stamps to collect?

As a beginner, you may tend to keep every envelope stamp you receive from the post office. You'll learn to be selective with issued postage stamps as time goes by. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Official Stamps . These are an available type among stamps from the United States and other countries. These official ones are for government use. They will go on postal delivery that originates from government departments. Any mailing that bears official US stamps is worth keeping. The 1983 US MNH official stamp is an example of this type.
  • Commemorative Stamps . USPS, Royal Mail, and other postal services come out with commemorative issues. These signify a special date, often an anniversary or birth, in honor or remembrance of an event, object, place, and person. The 1980 US Texas Archery stamp for example, is a commemorative stamp.
  • Precancel Stamps . For use by mass mailers, these are postage stamps that are cancelled before they are affixed to a letter. These purposefully save time and effort in delivery and sorting of mail.

What other pieces can you add to your collection?

In addition to stamps, here are some more items you can add:

  • Airmail labels . These are welcome items to any collector. The variations are numerous. You can collect airmail, express, surface mail, registered post, and a lot more. Though not much valuable, these air mail labels carry unique designs worth collecting.
  • Framed art . Framed art rate increases over time and many sell for high prices in auctions.
  • Penny Black . You never know when you may get lucky enough to get your hands on one. According to postal history, this was the first of self-adhesive stamps created by The Great Britain. The official issue date was May 6, 1840.

Is stamp collection a wise investment?

Despite the abundance of numerous pieces, the value of these souvenirs increase as time goes by. As the price of postage rises, so do the value of these items. As each year passes by, your collection gets older and rarer. It won't be surprising for your descendants to find your one cent stamp of greater value in their lifetime.

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