Uniformes originales de la Guerra Civil de EE. UU.

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Cosplay, Role-Play, or Collect Original Civil War Uniforms

Many a war has been fought over money or territory but others are fought for freedom, equality, and the civil rights of all men. Civil wars are those fought between citizens of the same country. They are parts of history, which are gruesome reminders of the sacrifices heroes have made to achieve the level of civilization people often take for granted. Uniforms are some of the things that remind people that those wars did happen, and they can be yours for display in your own personal museum or even for use as costumes. 

What Pieces of US Civil War Uniforms Can I Buy?

  • Caps: Officer, cavalry, artillery, and infantry caps are among the easiest to recognize in terms of civil war uniforms. Infantry of the Union Army had fatigue uniform with a forage cap that had a floppy crown. The officers would privately purchase chasseur caps modeled after that of the French Army.  Enlisted men of the Confederate Army had kepis that faded into a Butternut hue, with officers having yellow for sergeant, red for corporal, and blue with yellow trim for generals.
  • Belts: The Confederate Army had numerous types of belts, with dozens of buckle types produced during the Civil War. An overwhelming majority of them used simple roller buckle plates. The Union Army issued black leather belts with oval buckers with the letters \"U.S.\"
  • Frocks: Wool frock coats were often used for uniforms in dress occasions. The cavalry had greatcoats, artillery had officer's frock coats, and other enlisted men had their special military-issued coats to ward off the cold and wind. These Civil War garments were modeled after women's frocks or those of European origin and provided both protection and an aesthetic dimension to a uniform.

What Civil War Equipment Can I Buy?

  • Epaulets: Both the Confederate and Union Armies used ornamental shoulder pieces called epaulets. Confederate volunteers would have simple uniform jackets without the ornaments, while Confederate enlisted men may have been issued jackets with epaulets, especially on jackets issued in Richmond Depot types 1 through 3.
  • Carbine holster: Confederate and Union Civil War forces used cavalry in their assaults. Officers would have carbine holsters, which are cylindrical leather pieces with a buckle to secure it to a saddle.  a Civil War Union leather pistol holder is an accessory that can add realism to your reenactment costume, while a military ranking chevron makes your rank and uniform as accurate as possible.
  • Leggings: War cavalry and infantry also wore leggings for added protection against the weather. Officers would commonly have them. These are tapered cylindrical leather garments also called gaiters. They protected the ankles up to the calves against rocks, debris, and the chill of the wind.