A Quick Guide to Opteron Computer Servers

If you work with your business's network, you know the value of having dependable servers that allow you to get all of your tasks done, quickly identify and isolate problems, and grow with your business. eBay has a large selection of quality servers, including Opteron servers with AMD Opteron CPUs. With servers running Opteron processors, you can handle workloads of all sizes, lower the cost of ownership, and expand virtualization environments.

What is an Opteron computer server?

Opteron computer servers are servers that are using any version of AMD's Opteron CPU. Opteron is a line of 64-bit x86 processors made by AMD, the first processors to use AMD64 instruction set also called x86-64. Opteron was a significant milestone in 64-bit processor development as they were the first that could natively run 32-bit programs without speed penalties or degraded speed. The Opteron allowed users with 32-bi program collections to upgrade to 64-bit systems without an impact on performance for existing software.

What Opteron computer servers are available?

eBay has many Opteron servers available for use in your network with a large selection of options. You can select blade, rack, or tower servers with Opteron CPUs, and you can also select brands including AMD, Dell, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Supermicro, and more. Select a server with one, two, four, or eight processors, choose DDR2 SDRAM or DDR3 SDRAM memory types, and decide on a RAM capacity of anywhere from 8GB to 512GB. eBay has an affordable Opteron server you need to complete your network.

What are the key benefits of AMD Opteron CPUs?

The Opteron CPU, also called Istanbul, from AMD refers to servers with more processing power and less power usage. Business networks will be able to accomplish more, spend less, and be environmentally friendly at the same time. The key features of the processors are described here:

  • Compact: Since servers and data rooms take up space, having a 6-core CPU allows companies to get the same server capacity with one-sixth of the physical machines. In using them, you're dedicating 80% less office real estate to server housing.
  • Power: Servers equipped with 6-core CPUs achieve six times the processing capacity from the same investment in real estate and equipment.
  • Environmentally friendly: AMD had a 6-core Opteron processor running at 75 and 55 watts. The 40-watt 6-core Opteron offers the same processing capacity with 30% less power used. Lower power usage means less heat output and less cooling is required, all of which can mean real savings.
  • Cost-efficient: Considering that the CPU uses less energy, operates while taking up less space, and is more powerful, Opteron servers save money in real estate in data centers, in energy bills, and in having to buy and maintain fewer servers.
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