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How to Choose a 5.1 System with Speakers and Subwoofers

A quality sound system can change the way that you listen to music and watch video content. With added components like speakers and subwoofers, you can create an immersive audio environment that surrounds you with sound, and an Onkyo home system is a 5.1 channel configuration that provides almost everything you need to enhance listening to your favorite songs and watching movies and TV.

What Are the Features of Home Systems?

Onkyo offers home theater systems and stereos with numerous features that make your experience more enjoyable, allowing you to consider a system that does much more than simply amplify sound or play music.

  • A high-frequency response lets you pick up on every detail of sound. This means that you can hear high notes and low tones in clear detail without any distortion or feedback, including bass and treble notes.
  • A Bluetooth connection provides wireless capabilities, which means you can sync your audio to other devices, such as a smartphone, and play music via apps like Pandora. They're also Wi-Fi compatible.
  • There are plenty of available inputs to plug in peripherals, including HDMI ports, USB inputs, and composite video cables for devices that require an older output form.

What Types of Speakers Are Available?

You'll notice as you shop that there are a few different types of speakers, but you may not be certain what each type does.

  • The center-channel speaker is the main speaker that's usually the largest in the system.
  • Surround-sound speakers are smaller designs that you place around your room to create an immersive feel and fill the space with audio, making it feel like you're inside the movie you're watching or the song you're listening to.
  • Subwoofers are for creating and amplifying bass output, picking up the lowest notes and frequencies so every boom and blast is heard.

What Comes With a 5.1 Channel System?

When you purchase a system with a 5.1 configuration, it's made up of a variety of components installed together to create a complementary system that provides the quality you desire.

  • The receiver is the base of the system and the control unit. From this, you can adjust volume, connect media peripherals, switch radio stations, and connect subwoofers.
  • Floorstanding towers come in a pair and go on either side of your television, while smaller surround designs go around the room.
  • You'll also get a subwoofer for deep bass and amplification of volume and details of music, so it's not just for bass; it's so you don't miss any whispered dialogue or even a sigh during a film.