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New Era's Minor League Baseball Cap

The New Era baseball hat comes in many sizes and makes. There are a variety of Minor League Baseball teams to choose from in the collection. You can find a New Era cap that will represent your team and the talent in the league.

What stands out most in a Minor League Baseball cap?

The New Era brand is known for its production of sports items. The 59Fifty model is used as the official Major League cap on the field. New Era includes MiLB caps along with souvenirs in its collection.

  • The 59Fifty cap is fitted: The fitted production of the minor league baseball cap is a New Era signature feature. Along with caps, the brand also includes other items for both the major and minor league professional teams.
  • New Era Minor League cap is made with synthetic strength: Baseball is a physical sport. New Era caps use the 59Fifty patent within their Minor League Baseball hat collection. New Era caps have those same MiLB playing standards in mind during the manufacturing of their product.
  • You can use New Era for anything: Today, the 59Fifty model enables professional-styled gear to enter the public market. You can wear the same cap as the players on the field. The engineering of the New Era 59fifty cap for Minor League Baseball fits many lifestyles both on and off the field. The cap has engineered specifications for both cooling and aeration in their product.
What should you know about MiLB New Era?

New Era is a global brand. Baseball is a sport that has a worldwide fan base. The 59Fifty caps are the same brand that is seen on the field at Minor League Baseball games. You can represent your favorite team by wearing a New Era cap.

  • Sports enthusiasts can purchase their own New Era MiLB caps. Many buyers want to have the same gear that is used by the players. The New Era’s fitted cap lets you mix playing performance while keeping a product that could be used in day-to-day activities.
  • You can find a cap that represents the features as those in the professional line. The 59Fifty hats are manufactured to the standards of their minor league counterparts. You can achieve the same look while supporting your favorite team.
Why choose a New Era cap?

All New Era caps are manufactured with the same standards as those seen on the players in the Minor League system. You can wear a product that is used both on and off the field.

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