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Stay on Top of Your Documents with Neat Scanners

Staying organized is an important factor in maintaining a sense of sanity in your day-to-day professional and home life. A good scanner can help you remain organized while also backing up critical documents. eBay has a wide selection of Neat scanners you can choose from to help you streamline the transition of your documents into a digital space.

Types of Neat desk scanning devices

There are several different scanners to choose from based on your preferences. The main types of Neat scanner devices include the following:

  • NeatDesk scanner: These scanners allow you to quickly digitize your documents by taking advantage of duplex scanning technology. This helps you to scan anything from traditional documents to items like receipts and business cards in a timely fashion.
  • NeatReceipts scanner: The Neat receipt scanner is a great portable, on-the-go solution for your scanning needs. Its lightweight, slender design provides space-saving convenience. Additionally, with no AC power required, you experience quick convenience by simply connecting to your computer via a USB cable.
  • NeatConnect scanner: The NeatConnect is a Wi-Fi scanner that enables you to have a cordless experience and bypass the need to have a computer handy. It features a touchscreen menu and makes it easy to create, edit, and share information. With this device, you can scan documents directly into the cloud or sync files through the corresponding mobile app.
Specifications to consider with a Neat scanner

There are several features available that can factor into your final decision purchase of a Neat scanner. Here are just three of many specifications to think about when choosing the right scanner for your needs:

  • Connectivity: This may include a hard-wired setup, wireless capability, or a combination of both. A hard-wired configuration may incorporate an Ethernet or USB connection. A wireless setup may use a traditional Wi-Fi configuration or utilize Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Scanning resolution: Dpi considerations may come into play depending on the types of documents you may be scanning. The most common dpi range for Neat devices is between 300 and 600 dpi.
  • Color depth - Neat scanning devices typically provide a minimum of 24-bit up to a maximum of 48-bit color depth.
Why buy a used Neat scanner?

An excellent preowned scanning device, like an affordable Neat desk scanner, can prove to be a hidden gem in the hunt for your digital document solution. Selecting a gently used scanner is an excellent means to save your hard-earned money without compromising the core functionality you are seeking.

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