Natural Balance Cat Food

Natural Balance Cat Food

Natural Balance was founded in 1989 with the intention of making pet food that is scientifically formulated to provide the nutrition cats need. Natural Balance pet foods are formulated with proteins, nourishing vegetables, like green peas, and complex carbohydrates. There are a variety of textures and flavors.

What is a limited-ingredient diet?

The idea of a limited ingredient diet is to give your dog or cat food that has been pared down to just a few healthy ingredients in an effort to avoid ingredients that may cause your pet to have allergies. The recipes are crafted with the needs of pets in mind.

Natural Balance uses a limited number of ingredients in their pet food to mimic a natural, healthy diet for your cat. The cat food is formulated with a single source of animal protein and a reduced number of carbohydrate sources. Natural Balance is formulated to provide a range of proteins in their cat food, like lamb, venison, duck, and bison.

What are the benefits of a limited-ingredient diet?

Some believe that keeping the ingredients in pet food simple offers benefits and listed below are some of the possible benefits:

  • Food in limited-ingredient diets often contains unusual types of proteins, such as salmon or duck.
  • Simple ingredients may assist digestive health.
  • Recipes are designed to promote a healthy immune system.
What types of cat food does Natural Balance offer?

The different formulas from Natural Balance contain combinations of ingredients. The types of cat food and ingredients available include:

  • Dry: Dry cat-food options include low-calorie meals with ingredients such as green peas, salmon, chicken, and lamb.
  • Canned: Canned cat food contains similar ingredients to the dry food but offers a different texture, offering variety for your cats food.
  • Wet: Stews and pates come in single-serving tubs. They are designed to deliver the essential vitamins and nutrients.
  • Pouches: The pouches from Natural Balance are grain-free and come with a tasty sauce. They are formulated to give cats healthy skin and shiny coats.
  • Treats: Tasty treats with chicken, venison, or salmon.
How can cats be introduced to a limited-ingredient diet?

Transitioning cats to dry cat food or wet food with limited ingredients should be done gradually. Natural Balance recommends you follow a seven-day process, and one way to do this is described below:

  • Days one and two: Start with a mixture of your cats favorite dry food and the Natural Balance food for cats. Starting out, the mixture should consist of 75% of your cats current pet food formula and 25% of the Natural Balance formula.
  • Days three and four: The mixture should contain 50% of the old formula and 50% of the new formula.
  • Days five and six: The mixture should contain 25% of the old dry food and 75% of the new cat food.
  • Day seven: On the final day, your cat can be fed the Natural Balance cat food exclusively.
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