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How to Choose a Single Cassette Deck

Theres nothing quite like listening to music the way you used to in high school via your old cassette tapes. You can drag them out of your closet and show your kids how much fun rewinding and fast-forwarding music was back before the dawn of the digital age, with Nakamichi being one electronics brand that makes numerous single tape-deck models.

What Are Some Features of Cassette Decks?

You can select the right stereo for your needs based on the features available with these models. Whether youre interested in premium Dolby sound or added media options theres a deck thats right for you.

  • A deck with an included recorder lets you record from the radio onto a blank cassette.
  • When you want to listen without disturbing anyone else, choose a tape deck with a headphone jack to plug in your earbuds and jam in private.
  • A noise reduction feature eliminates that hiss or crackling sound you sometimes hear when you play an old tape. Many models also have added controls, so you can adjust the bass or treble and customize the way your music sounds.

How Should You Choose a Deck?

There are a few decisions to keep in mind as you pick the right tape deck for your needs, so considering these factors can help you to get a cassette deck that maximizes your listening experience.

  • Select between a model with two heads or a model with three, with the difference between two-head decks and three-head designs being simply that a model with two heads uses one deck for playing and recording and the other for erasing. On the other hand, a three-head model has separate heads for each function, and its really only recommended when you plan to frequently record with the unit. This is also sometimes referred to as a \"discrete\" deck.
  • Consider some of the features of these stereo systems. Most models play, fast-forward, and rewind, but some offer auto reverse, which is a handy feature. With it, the player automatically reverses the cassette to play side two without your intervention when you get to the end of side one.
  • A model with a built-in tuner lets you listen to your favorite radio stations in addition to cassette audio.

Which Nakamichi Cassette Decks Are Available?

When youre looking for a cassette deck, consider these models by the brand.

  • The CR-4A three-head cassette deck offers Dolby sound, an equalizer, noise reduction, and a headphone jack, among other features.
  • Choose the ZX-7 model for a cassette deck that includes three heads that you can adjust in order to further customize playing and recording audio. Additionally, it includes noise reduction and a four-track design.
  • The CR-7A cassette deck emphasizes sound quality. It has three heads and tape counter. You can also fade music in and out and control the device with a remote control, so you dont have to get up to rewind or pause a song.

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