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How to Choose a Mid-Tower Computer Case

Simply put, a computer case is an enclosure that houses the components of your computer that you can't see, such as the motherboard, GPU, CPU, and power supply. There are full-tower and mid-tower cases, and the difference between the two types ultimately comes down to size. An NZXT mid-tower case is slightly smaller in build and may have fewer slots and fans, which works well for saving space.

What Should You Consider When Selecting a Case?

Choosing the right mid-tower case means taking a few factors into consideration to ensure you get the case you want. Be sure to weigh features as well as design options and possibilities for expansion as you select a mid-tower case.

  • Think about which ports you'll require for your mid-tower since some cases include 2.0 and 3.1 options. Compatibility is another must, as you may want to have at least Windows 10 on board as your OS when you put this case together.
  • Expansion is an important consideration, meaning that you'll want to select a case with numerous slots that you can use to keep adding to your computer and further customizing the PC.
  • One of the standout features of these computer cases is their overall design. There are limited edition models, like a purple or red version, a traditional matte black case, and a wide variety of color combinations like blue and black, red and black, green and black, or yellow and black. 

What Are Some Features of Computer Cases?

Choosing a case means looking at some of the features that these hardware options offer. Since you're probably building your own computer, you'll likely want to look for specific features.

  • A case with a built-in cable management system means you can upgrade and expand your machine further down the road without difficulty. 
  • For gamers, a case with a feature called Adaptive Noise Reduction means that your system stays cool without the whirring fan noise that can be disturbing or distracting in some cases.
  • When putting your own system together, motherboard support is crucial, so purchase a case that's compatible with everything from Micro ATX to Mini-ITX and mATX.

What Are Cases Made Of?

NZXT uses sturdy materials when it creates its cases. Not only that, but you can select the color you like as well, enabling you to customize your system exactly as you want it. 

  • Cases come complete with a tough and hearty SECC all-steel design that not only holds up over time but looks impressive too.
  • A case built with a tempered glass panel allows you to take a look inside, and with features like RGB lighting, it can be a remarkable view.
  • The cases use LED lights, meaning that they don't get hot, they last for extended periods, and they provide just the right glow.

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