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Should I Get an AC to DC Adapter?

We all own electronic devices, so we all need chargers to keep them going. AC/DC adapters are a kind of power adapter that keeps certain electronics working. But do you need an AC/DC adapter?

How Does an AC/DC Adaptor Work?

How does an AC/DC power adapter work?

  • An AC adapter is a type of external power supply for your device, including Netgear devices.
  • Other ways to refer to an AC adapter are power adapters, plug-in adapters, but they are most commonly referred to as chargers.
  • You mainly use AC and DC power adapters for devices that don't have their own internal power system or battery.
  • This means that devices like a Netgear adapter need a plug charger that gives it a constant power supply in order for it to work correctly.
  • Sometimes AC to DC adapters also have USB ports, so that you can charge your mobile batteries as well as keep your other electronic devices work.
  • Older AC adapters delivered a lower voltage to a device, but now you can purchase AC/DC adapters for products that need a higher voltage.

Why and How Do AC/DC Adapters Get So Hot?

All power adapters get hot to some degree but should you be worried when your AC/DC adapter gets hot?

  • Sometimes AC-DC adapters are working as both a switching power supply and a transformer.
  • Because neither of these ways of supplying power are super efficient, it's going to expend more energy and become warm to the touch.
  • The more you use your AD-DC adapter, the hotter it's going to be. However, your wall charger plug should only be warm, not hot.
  • If you're uncertain about how hot your charger is, then unplug the cable or wall charger from the power source. Let it cool down before you plug it back into the power-supply.
  • If you feel like your universal AC-DC power adapter is getting dangerously hot, then you should stop using it immediately. Unplug it from your electronics and disconnect any USB plugs you have attached to it.
  • If your charger is getting dangerously hot, then do not continue to use it. Replace the AC-DC charger with a new one.

What are Good Rechargeable AC to DC Adapter/Inverters?

When you're looking for a good AC-DC power charger, make sure to keep an eye out for these features.

  • Converts 120 voltage AC household currents to a 12V DC power
  • Look for universal power chargers
  • Keep an eye out for USB ports, as these can help you charge more than one device.
  • All AC-DC adapters and inverters should be easy to use. Just plug them in an go!

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