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Picking The Right Mouse Pad for Work and Play

Computers are now a part of every area of our lives. Whether using them for work, to browse the web, or even to play games, you may be logging hundreds of hours a month in front of your screen. With that kind of time spent, it is worth investing in a large mouse pad, available new or used for sale on eBay at affordable prices, to ease any wrist or hand strain and to facilitate the activity being done.

Not all mouse pads are created equal

If you spend significant amounts of time on your computer, you know that computer mouse pads can make or break a long session. When researching an affordable mouse pad for sale, there are certain styles to be aware of.

  • Gamer - Mouse receptiveness and speed are particularly important in gaming, so a gaming mouse pad designed for gaming tends to be a bit larger and focuses on having as low friction as possible.
  • Extra-large - These are also useful for gaming or if you prefer a larger palette to work from.
  • Round - A round mouse pad can optimize a small desk space without sacrificing utility.

Common mouse pad styles

From solid colors to abstract patterns, there is no shortage of options, and there are many attractive, cheap mouse pads for sale on eBay.

  • Pictorial - Whether an alpine landscape or a personalized family portrait, a pictorial mouse pad is a way to personalize your workspace without taking up additional desk space. The most versatile of the styles, companies who are so inclined can also offer a free mouse pad to clients and staff with their logo or company image imprinted on it as a form of office cohesiveness or marketing.
  • Patterned - When browsing for a mouse pad on eBay there are many options with abstract or vintage patterns, which can be ideal when trying to match or complement an overall office or home decor.
  • Plain - The simplest option is a plain, solid-colored mouse pad, which can add a pop of color to a desk while not pulling focus from other decor choices.

Features to look for

As a serious user, you will want serious features to make your computer time more comfortable and productive.

  • Non-slip - When pressing down on a mouse and trying to quickly travel across a screen, it's crucial for the mouse mat to remain stationary, and the best mouse pads will have a non-slip lining.
  • Ergonomic - Wrist support and ergonomics become more important the more time that is spent on the computer. Not only is it more comfortable in the moment, but it will save hand and wrist pain years down the line.
  • Stitched edges - Stitched edges help to prevent fraying, making them worth the investment.