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Motorola Modem Router Combos

When you are looking to connect your internet service, you will likely consider whether or not you are interested in Wi-Fi. A modem router combination allows you to use your connection from various locations in the house, even if you are not connected to a router. When you are preparing to purchase Motorola modem router combos, take a look at the options to find one that best suits your needs.

How much downstream data does your Motorola gateway router need?

Your downstream data is the amount of data your internet service provider sends to your modem. From there, the availability is dispersed to all users in the household. If you have several users, you will want a higher data rate in order to accommodate the needs of everyone in the house. Signs of needing more data include slowdowns, inability to download or upload, or dropped connections. Heavy users of DOCSIS services and streaming will especially want to select a significant amount, as these activities eat up a lot of bandwidth.

Do you need a LAN port for each user?

You will need a LAN Ethernet port for every wired user in the household. If your device is wireless, the Wi-Fi does not require a LAN port. You may want to consider having an extra Ethernet port available on your Motorola wired or Wi-Fi router for days when your connection needs a boost. You also need to consider the size of the room when choosing how many computers to wire. Computers not in the same room as the combination modem router will require some creative cable placement.

What is the difference between a DSL and cable modem?

A DSL modem and wireless router combination will theoretically support up to 100 megabytes per second. If you are using a cable modem, you can theoretically find up to 300 megabytes per second. A cable modem can accommodate systems compatible with DOCSIS television streaming. Select areas may have fiber connection, giving you up to one gigabit of bandwidth. Your actual rate will depend on the ISP as well as the capabilities of your modem. Before choosing a Motorola modem, make sure you choose the correct type to ensure compatibility.

Do your modem and router combinations have network traffic shaping?

If you need to designate certain computers or Wi-Fi users as a priority, you can use select Motorola combination devices to shape traffic towards those devices. When the equipment is in use, the amount of bandwidth you set will go to the priority devices first. Other Wi-Fi devices are then handled in the priority level they were set. This can help you restrict streaming and gaming use when others in the household need the bandwidth for work using their browsers. This type of shaping with the DSL or cable modem may also reduce the data rate necessary.

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