Model Railroader

Model trains have been around since the 1800s when the first model trains were made by skilled German toymakers. Although model railroaders consist of hobbyists of all ages, they tend to rely on magazines to learn more about their hobby, trade information with other enthusiasts, and buy items to embellish their layouts.

Are there model railroad magazines for model engine hobbyists?

Model Railroader is a magazine designed to support the model railroad hobbyist. There are many items in each issue that are useful and informative, which can include:

  • Videos: The Model Railroader offers information in their issues about their online videos that have a variety of subjects such as news, showcases of various layouts, tips and tricks for hobbyists, and many more subjects of interest.
  • Forums: The forums are places where hobbyists can read users' comments as well as send their own comments on many areas of interest.
  • Items for sale: This includes the items that model railroad hobbyists can buy to support their hobby.
  • How-to articles: There is a large number of articles that are geared toward both the beginner and the experienced train modeler. Hobbyists can learn how to set up a basic layout, the size of engines and track that would suit them, the trends in the model railroad world, and many other interesting topics that are useful for serious collectors and enthusiasts.
  • News and reviews: Subscribers can read about model railroad news and reviews about popular subjects.
What are some model railroad companies?

The aforementioned magazine has information on model railroad companies so that subscribers can read more about where and how to buy quality trains and accessories. This is especially useful to beginning model railroad hobbyists who may be bewildered by the number of companies and stores that cater to model train hobbyists. It's important to consider which companies specialize in which types of model trains (such as G-Gauge vs. S-Gauge vs. O-Gauge), so that you can be sure you're always purchasing compatible parts.

What can model railroad hobbyists do with Model Railroader?

Subscribers to the Model Railroader magazine can gain many things from the issues. The information is practical and entertaining, and the feeling of community is fun. Model train enthusiasts can shop for items, connect to other hobbyists, read about news and trends in the train modeling community, read reviews, learn how to make various layouts, learn about the different scales of the trains and tracks, and utilize the magazine in many other ways.