What to Know About Mitsubishi Rear-projection TV's

Mitsubishi is one of the leaders of the home entertainment industry. Many of their products are part of living room media setups in many homes and rear-projection TVs are no exception. With updated internal technology and large screens, the Mitsubishi line of rear-projection TVs offers an opportunity to enjoy your entertainment mediums in a different way.

What are the key features of a Mitsubishi rear-projection TV?

The Mitsubishi rear-projection TV separates itself from other large TVs with its design and features that provide video content that is displayed via a clear and concise signal. Other features include:

  • 1080p digital light processor (DLP) display
  • Up to 3 HDMI 1.3 inputs
  • 4D video noise reduction
  • Smart TV features with downloadable apps
What are some attributes of Mitsubishi rear-projection TVs?

In addition to the projector that delivers high-definition video quality, many Mitsubishi models with 1080p DLP have 65-inch screens. In general, Mitsubishi rear-projection TVs are much thicker than TVs with LCD and plasma flat panels.

What is the technology behind these Mitsubishi TVs?

Rear projection, like every TV projection model, uses projector technologies to create the clear HD traits that all televisions have. Some Mitsubishi rear-projection TVs are DLP models. A DLP model uses a digital micromirror chip that has its outputs combined with the color wheel and aluminum properties found in the chip. This allows the TV to project a sharp image onto the screen. Some models also have LCD projectors, which are liquid crystals that are manipulated by an electric current inside of a chip to generate color and image onto the screen. There are a number of different projector types that are used in a rear-projection TV, but DLP is the type that is widely available.

What is the smart TV feature?

The smart TV feature allows the viewers Wi-Fi access to use apps on the TV. In addition to app usage, video streaming sites appear as options, allowing viewers to stream videos, movies, TV shows, and more on those platforms.

What types of speakers come with the rear-projection TV?

Along with the soundbar that is packaged with the TV, there are different types of mini speakers that are installed in both the bar and the rear-projection TV itself. Mitsubishi rear-projection TV models are packaged with two 10-watt stereo speakers. The audio type for both of these speakers is virtual surround sound. The rear-end projection TV is also compatible with other external speakers that can be bought separately to enhance the audio and visual experience.

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