Minnesota North Stars Hockey Vintage Sports Memorabilia

The Minnesota North Stars were a professional hockey team based in Greater Minneapolis from 1967 to 1993. Since the team is defunct and is now the Dallas Stars, vintage North Stars memorabilia is often coveted among many hockey fans. The memorabilia includes photographs, posters, season tickets, old VIP season passes, jerseys, and more.

What kinds of North Stars merchandise memorabilia is available?

North Stars memorabilia includes a variety of paper merchandise and official NHL teamwear and products. Some of the paper merchandise includes programs, posters, season ticket stubs, pocket schedules, flyers, NHL game guides, and player autographs. The more common teamwear and products are the pennants, pins, buttons, and jerseys.

What kinds of pennants are available?

Pennants are some of the most common merchandise items to find. These commemorative team flags can vary to some degree. While some are large and made of felt, others may be miniature. The pennants either have the North Stars logo on them or an NHL player. The details of the banner will generally be in the team colors of yellow, white, and green. Most pennants should be suitable for hanging up on the wall.

Are there memorabilia items relating to the North Stars' arena?

The North Stars franchise played at the Met Center in Bloomington. For many games, the Met Center would offer giveaways to attendees. These could be anything from T-shirts to season programs. Furthermore, there is North Stars commemorative artwork featuring images of the Met Center.

What buttons and pins are available from the North Stars?

There are numerous pins available from this former NHL franchise. The pins commonly just have a large N with a star. This was the franchise's official logo for most of its history. There are also some buttons and pins that feature players.

What do authentic Minnesota North Stars jerseys look like?

Authentic memorabilia jerseys from the former Minnesota organization come in either green or white. The details of the authentic jerseys are in gold, green, black, and white. The logo of the large letter N and a star is on the front of each jersey.

Those who are searching for a North Stars uniform should keep in mind that it's important to understand the difference between an authentic or replica jersey before making a purchase. An authentic jersey may have actually been worn by a player in a game, or it could be an unworn jersey created for fans to enjoy. Replica jerseys are generally made of lower-quality materials and feature smaller numbers or logos in the product. In many cases, these replicas were created as "throwbacks" long after the team moved out of Minnesota.