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Minn Kota Complete Trolling Motors

Minn Kota complete trolling motors and mounting accessories offer fishers or boat users the chance to move their vessels across great distances of water without using a paddle. Trolling motors can be an alternative to using a boat engine with higher torque.

How are trolling motors used?

A trolling motor is often mounted upon the back or front of a boat using a mounting bracket. Trolling motors need to be hooked up to a power source, such as a marine-grade battery with a compatible voltage.

Once the trolling motor is correctly hooked up:

  • Adjust the depth of the propeller so that it runs about one foot below the bottom of your boat.
  • Twist the handle of the trolling motor to accelerate or move in reverse, using a combination of gears.
  • Rotate the entire handle to steer your boat clear of other vessels and objects in the water.
What features stand out in Minn Kota trolling motors?

Minn Kota manufactures several different models of trolling motors with bow or rear mounting plates, which can create distinct results on the water. Some of the more noticeable characteristics of these trolling motors include:

  • Smooth movement: On-surface speed can change your trajectory fast, so a smooth operation can be considered safer than other options. These trolling motors maintain a smooth acceleration to help avoid any swift movements.
  • Freshwater capacity: Better control on the water is needed as water can easily sway your boat around. The trolling motor remains attached and gives you control at the front of your boat, not just the rear stern.
  • Engine technology: Most Minn Kota models use propeller technology to help maintain control while steering. The motor’s foot control is crafted to make your steering hands-free and flex when you put pressure down with your feet.
What advantages does using a Minn Kota motor provide?

Many Minn Kota classes of boat trolling engines allow you to guide your boat over a lake or river, either alone or in a group. Some advantages to using a trolling motor include:

  • Control speeds: Trolling motors on water vessels work to displace water lightly, so you don’t have abrupt movements. The foot control ultimately creates balance as you shift up from a stop.
  • Maneuver with little sound: Each motor makes a quiet effort of thrust. This lets your boat pass many areas without disturbing fish.
  • Navigate angles: The motor has a swivel design. You get thrust and management at the same time by being able to swivel in 360 degrees.
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