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Theater Merchandise and Promotional Memorabilia

With every new Broadway show, comes the plethora of Playbills, apparel, and amazing souvenirs to mark the arrival of a New York theatre hit. These theater collectibles are ideal for remembering an exciting trip to see a Broadway show, to complete valuable collection, or to gift to a theatre-loving loved one in your life. Finding merchandise online is a sure way to save money, locate rare items, or skip the lines at the end of a Broadway outing. Broadway merchandise online includes one-of-a-kind items and signatures from the cast and crew.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Theater Merchandise Online?

Each theater sells a collection of merchandise after each performance including keychains, ornaments, mugs, posters, and more. For rare items, and to skip the lines, online purchases are often ideal for collecting souvenirs.

  • Rare Broadway Items: For those looking for a personal Broadway touch, original autographed theatre memorabilia often only exists at auctions or online. Additionally, official souvenirs from noteworthy past Broadway performers can be found for collectors and enthusiastic fans of certain shows or actors.
  • Convenience: Buying merchandise online keeps the buyer from having to travel to New York City or searching for the item in Times Square.
  • Affordability: Second-hand Broadway gifts and merchandise often cut the cost compared to the in-person, New York value.

What Are the Varieties of Theatre Merchandise?

Depending on the production, each Broadway store specializes in different merchandising depending on its audience for the given show.

  • Apparel: Each modern show in New York City often prints a unique t-shirt, hoodie, cap, and various accessories with the shows logo.
  • Sheet Music: A unique Broadway gift for the musically inclined, Broadway sheet music options include a selection of highlights from the show, individually signed songs from the score, or the entire book and music collection.
  • Cups and Tumblers: Often only available in the theaters themselves, drink containers serve as a particularly rare, in-person item of merchandise on Broadway.

How Do You Find Broadway Collectors Items?

How do you determine if a Broadway t-shirt will grow in value in the next ten years? Consider several factors when building a collection of play or musical memorabilia.

  • ShowPopularity: When a hit production releases signed or discontinued memorabilia, especially from an early cast, this could denote worth in the future. Shows that won large numbers of Tony Awards or had a renown cast also fit this category.
  • RareAutographs: Casts sign special items for a wide range of reasons. Finding a cast with well-known celebrities are worth adding to a collection.
  • Short Production Runs: When a show runs for a short period of time, due to timing or popularity, it means the souvenirs will only be released during that span. Collecting these items could become valuable should the show come back to Broadway in the future.