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Men's Water Shoes

Anyone who spends a lot of time in or near the water knows the value of water shoes. If you frequently visit the beach or love to engage in water sports, you may want to consider adding a pair to your wardrobe. Chances are, although these shoes were something you never knew you needed, they will become a staple in your activewear.

What are the characteristics of water shoes?
  • Lightweight: The lightweight nature of the shoes allows the user to easily maneuver through the water.
  • Non-slip: Most water shoes have rubber bottoms that will help you to avoid slipping on different surfaces.
  • Quick-drying: The quick-drying and breathable material of water shoes won't leave you with the squishy uncomfortable feeling of normal shoes when they get soaked.
When can water shoes be used?
  • Aquatic sports: These shoes can be used to tighten your grip on surfboards and boogie boards.
  • Beach: You can use these shoes to avoid hurting your feet on sharp shells or hard rocks on the beach. You can also use them to avoid burning your feet on the hot sand.
  • Water parks: Water shoes help you get on the rides and not worry about burning your feet on the concrete while walking to the next one.
What size water shoes should you buy?

Water shoes should fit snugly so that they do not slip off from your feet. Whatever your average shoe size is, it will most likely be the same for your water shoes. If the water shoe doesn't fit snugly to your feet, be sure to find the size that fits well and won't slide. It's always best to read reviews and descriptions while ordering online to find if the shoes usually run bigger or smaller. If the shoes are too loose fitting, it could be very dangerous and cause you to stumble or slip.

What are the different types of water shoes?
  • Sandals: These usually have very thick soles accompanied by straps that keep your foot in place and allow the foot to breathe. They are ideal for people who will be walking frequently in both wet and dry environments.
  • Tennis Shoe: This type of water shoes have a drawstring or laces and resemble regular tennis shoes. These usually have very good arch support and flexible soles for activities.
  • Slip-on: The slip-on type are sock-like water shoes that are very thin and serve merely as a barrier between the feet and the surface you will be standing on. These are more practical for swimming and water sports but do not provide arch support for walking around on hard surfaces.