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Memorex CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

Frequently Asked Questions About Memorex Blu-ray BD-R

Blu-ray players are common in most households because of their ability to play a variety of discs, including Blu-ray discs, CDs, and DVDs. A Blu-ray disc recordable, or BD-R, records content of your choice for later use. Memorex offers 25GB and 50GB Blu-ray discs for personal use.

How much storage does a Memorex BD-R disc have?

Memorex BD-R discs come in two storage capacity options. The single layer discs have 25GB of storage, which provides 135 minutes of HD video. The dual layer Blu-rays have 50GB, or 270 HD minutes. 25 GB should be sufficient for most photo albums. Larger files like music and video take up significantly more space; a 50GB disc may be preferable for songs and movies.

What can be recorded onto a Blu-ray disc?

With a BD-R, you can save pictures, music, and movies. Be sure to choose the appropriate GB for the amount and size of your files. An external drive can be connected to your computer via USB to burn or copy your files. This USB drive can also be used as a Blu-ray player to watch Blu-rays or DVDs. You can only record to a standard BD-R one time. A BD-RE or Blu-ray Disc Recordable Erasable can be erased. This gives you the ability to record new material to the BD-RE multiple times.

How do you use Blu-ray players to view your BD-R?

It is easy to use your Blu-ray player to view your content. Simply insert the BD-R into the player just as you would a Blu-ray or DVD. You can click through your photos, listen to your music, and watch your movies or home videos with Blu-ray players.

How do you print labels for your Blu-ray discs?

You can create your own printable, edge-to-edge labels for your BD-R discs. Labels can be helpful for identifying the contents of the disc or the GB capacity of a BD-RE that may be reused later. You will need a CD or DVD label maker, an inkjet printer, and printable labels that are compatible with your inkjet.

  • Step 1: Design your label. List the content and perhaps the GB storage capacity. If desired, add photos or other design elements.
  • Step 2: Load the paper tray with the blank printable labels.
  • Step 3: Follow your inkjet’s instructions to print the label.
  • Step 4: Very carefully peel the label from the sheet and attach it to the disc.
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