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Mauser Rifle Parts

A rifle is a tool for activities such as hunting and target practice at the range as well as for collecting. When you're ready to change some of the hardware on your firearm, there are many options to choose from. Take a look at some of the different options which will help your specific rifle model stay strong.

What specific items are there for the Mauser rifle?

There are assemblies and accessories for different sections of the Mauser line of firearms, including the barrel, trigger, and bolt action pieces. Many of the Mauser's replaceable items, such as the stock, are designed to be handled with a few screws and a screwdriver. The compatibility of the hardware allows users to change the look and functionality of the rifle whenever necessary.

What materials make up the Mauser rifle accessories?

The available Mauser rifle options are made of materials such as wood, steel, aluminum, and specialized plastic. Each of these materials has benefits which allow the model as a whole to perform. These benefits include the following:

  • Wood: Hardware for the Mauser models, such as the stock, will often be designed from wood. This gives it a solid feel and helps reduce recoil.
  • Steel: Steel is designed to be durable enough to withstand hits, bumps, and drops. This material is often found in accessories such as bolts and barrels.
  • Aluminum: From springs to trigger accessories, the Mauser's aluminum pieces are lighter than steel yet hard enough to be durable.
  • Plastic: Don't let the light weight of the plastic accessories such as the screw attachments fool you. These small pieces add little weight to the rifle while completing the look and functionality of the models in the Mauser lineup.
What models of the rifle are the items compatible with?

You can find bolts, barrels, and other items compatible with many rifles in the Mauser line, such as the 98 large ring, 38 Turkish model, and the 71/84 rifle. There are items for other models as well. There are also parts for the Mauser which were graded for the military.

What are blued Mauser rifle accessories designed for?

If an accessory for your gun is labeled as blued, it means it's been coated to help prevent rust. It may have a slightly black or blue exterior appearance. Items such as screws, plates, bolts, and barrels will often be blued in order to keep the gun operating smoothly even if it has been exposed to inclement weather.

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