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Manfrotto Camera Monopod

Manfrotto offers a number of photography accessories such as camera monopods, tripods, and camcorders with a variety of features and a range of applications.

What is a Manfrotto monopod?

A monopod, also called a unipod, is a single rigid pole used to support a camera, camcorder, scope, rifle, binocular, or other instrument. The instrument is thus steadied, producing a clearer image or sight without shake. The term "monopod" is derived from the Greek words "mono" and "pod," meaning "one" and "foot" respectively.

The lightweight monopod or unipod serves a similar function to the three-footed tripod. The primary difference lies in the maximum height and in the fact that the tripod independently supports the instrument, whereas the monopod must be steadied by the hand of the user.

What applications are suited for a Manfrotto monopod?

Using a Manfrotto unipod to steady your device will allow you to:

  • Take pictures at slower shutter speeds.
  • Take pictures at longer focal lengths when using zoom or macro features.
  • Reduce shake when recording.
  • Steady your device while on the go with aluminum construction and quick setup.
  • Take various motion or distance shots, including wildlife photography, travel photography, or sports photography.
How does the device attach to the Manfrotto unipod?

Manfrotto unipods may be attached to your device in one of two ways. First, the monopod plate may be attached directly to the screw thread located on the underside of the device's body. This method is recommended for lightweight cameras or when not using telephoto lens attachments. It is helpful for quick changes between photographic devices.

The second method is to use a tripod mount ring. This method attaches the Manfrotto unipod to the lens rather than the body. Recommended for supporting the weight of telephoto lenses, this method can help prevent pivoting.

Monopod heads are also available that provide a pivot point between the unipod and the attached device. Some unipods have this feature built in. It allows you to orient the device to take photos in portrait, landscape, or angles in between.

What devices are compatible with the Manfrotto unipod?

Many modern and vintage cameras have a universal screw thread located on the bottom of the device body. Any device with a screw thread can be attached directly to the unipod plate. This may also apply to camcorders, video recorders, and binoculars. If you're using a telephoto lens, you will need a tripod mount ring that fits your lens of choice. This tool may also fit within carrying cases you are already using for your devices.

What materials are used to construct Manfrotto monopods?

Most Manfrotto monopods are made from aluminum. This is because aluminum is a lightweight metal. In addition to aluminum, Manfrotto monopods may be constructed from other metals or contain plastic parts. Some monopods are also made with carbon fiber or technopolymer.

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